Scott Blair is clearly a Warren Zevon fan having taken his moniker from the Zevon song and album of the same name. A relative new comer to RR, misterbadexample set a very good example by volunteering consistently to host the column. His first stint was on Mar. 24, 2016 for the topic of Zeitgeist. He’s filled the chair eleven times.

1Mar. 24, 2016ZeitgeistThe GuardianColumnBlog
2May 26, 2016Ships and BoatsThe GuardianColumnBlog
3Aug. 4, 2016One Word TitlesThe GuardianColumnBlog
4Sept. 29, 2016Unusual RhymesThe GuardianColumnBlog
5Nov. 10, 2016VolunteeringThe GuardianColumnBlog
6Jan. 12, 2017AlliterationThe GuardianColumnBlog
7May 11, 2017HedonismThe GuardianColumnBlog
8July 20, 2017Stuck or TrappedThe GuardianColumnBlog
9Sept. 7, 2017PersistanceThe GuardianColumnBlog
10Nov. 16, 2017Slowing DownThe Guardian ColumnBlog
11Dec. 21, 2017StormsThe GuardianColumnBlog