Marco den Ouden joined the RR community as Marconius7 in January 2008 and got his first A Lister for Albedo 0.39 by Vangelis for Science. He is one of our international players, hailing from Canada. After a couple of years playing the game, he launched this website as Readers Recommend: The Complete Index. One of the regulars started calling it The Marconium and the name stuck. Marco first took the guru’s seat in March 2013 for Stupidity and has held down the fort seventeen times now.

1Mar. 7, 2013StupidityThe GuardianColumnBlog
2Jan. 30, 2014Decisive SongsThe GuardianColumnBlog
3June 26, 2014MurderThe GuardianColumnBlog
4Sept. 18, 2014JusticeThe GuardianColumnBlog
5Jan. 15, 2015HotelsThe GuardianColumnBlog
6June 4, 2015Songs That BuildThe GuardianColumnBlog
7July 2, 2015CanadaThe GuardianColumnBlog
8April 6, 2016Specific or Obscure PlacesThe Song BarColumnBlog
9May 18, 2016Curves and SpheresThe Song BarColumnBlog
10July 7, 2016RootsThe GuardianColumnBlog
11Sept. 21, 2016Starting OverThe Song BarColumnBlog
12Dec. 1, 2016Iron and SteelThe GuardianColumnBlog
13Feb. 8, 2017Immigrants and RefugeesThe Song BarColumnBlog
14April 20, 2017GasesThe GuardianColumnBlog
15June 7, 2017PropagandaThe Song BarColumnBlog
16Aug. 31, 2017FlagsThe GuardianColumnBlog
17Nov. 8, 2017GuitarsThe Song BarColumnBlog