Isabelle Forshaw

Isabelle Forshaw is one of our International patrons at the Song Bar, hailing from Australia. She grew up in Sydney but now lives on the south coast of New South Wales. She is an avid supporter of Community Radio and likes to stay informed and occasionally involved in local and global politics.

Isabelle has two passions – music and cookery – and finds that music inspires her culinary pursuits. She has an especial love of world and experimental music and says that “the international patronage of the Bar offers the best variety of music and combined knowledge I have discovered online”.

Isabelle joined our community in 2017 at the Guardian and, reflecting her interest in international music, her debut A Lister was Uska Dara by Eartha Kitt for the topic of Asian Cities on Dec. 14, 2017. She made her debut as a guru at the Song Bar for the topic of What’s Normal on Dec. 2, 2020.

Date Topic ColumnĀ  Blog
1 Dec. 2, 2020 What’s NormalĀ  Column Blog