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The Readers Recommend feature at the Guardian was discontinued after Aug. 2, 2018. Below are the topics listed by date in two tables, the first for the Song Bar for 2018 and the second for the Guardian’s Readers Recommend feature for 2018 until its last column.


Topic by Date 2018 – Song Bar
DateTitle ArtistRecommended ByTopicGuru
Jan. 3, 2018(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural WomanFranklin, Aretha9hairs9knotsgreat backing vocalsmagicman
Jan. 3, 2018(Let Me Be Your) Teddy BearPresley, ElvisSuzigreat backing vocalsmagicman
Jan. 3, 2018Bring It On Home to MeCooke, Samamyleegreat backing vocalsmagicman
Jan. 3, 2018Night Time is the Right TimeCharles, RayRavi Ramangreat backing vocalsmagicman
Jan. 3, 2018Hearts on FireParsons, Gram & Emmylou Harrisbarbryngreat backing vocalsmagicman
Jan. 3, 2018I'm Not in Love10CCmegadomgreat backing vocalsmagicman
Jan. 3, 2018State of IndependenceSummer, DonnaParaMhorgreat backing vocalsmagicman
Jan. 3, 2018I Can't Let GoHolliesShivSidecargreat backing vocalsmagicman
Jan. 3, 2018Don't Worry BabyBeach Boystreefrogdemongreat backing vocalsmagicman
Jan. 3, 2018Blue MoonMarcelsParaMhorgreat backing vocalsmagicman
Jan. 3, 2018Just a Gigolo/I Ain't Got NobodyPrima, Louis & Keely Smithnosuchzonegreat backing vocalsmagicman
Jan. 3, 2018ElenoreTurtles9hairs9knotsgreat backing vocalsmagicman
Jan. 3, 2018You Don't Love Me (No, No, No)Penn, Dawn9hairs9knotsgreat backing vocalsmagicman
Jan. 10, 2018Come All YeFairport ConventionTempusfugitmixtape openersParaMhor
Jan. 10, 2018Lust For LifePop, IggyUnclebenmixtape openersParaMhor
Jan. 10, 2018Ready TeddyLittle Richard9hairs9knotsmixtape openersParaMhor
Jan. 10, 2018Get ReadyTemptationsShivSidecarmixtape openersParaMhor
Jan. 10, 2018Baby One More TimeSpears, BritneyLeaveitallbehindmixtape openersParaMhor
Jan. 10, 2018The MonkeesMonkeesamyleemixtape openersParaMhor
Jan. 10, 2018Ballroom BlitzSweetRavi Ramanmixtape openersParaMhor
Jan. 10, 2018Bat Out of HellMeat LoafLeaveitallbehindmixtape openersParaMhor
Jan. 10, 2018RefugeePetty, Tom & the Heartbreakerstreefrogdemonmixtape openersParaMhor
Jan. 10, 2018Let's Stick TogetherFerry, Bryanmagicmanmixtape openersParaMhor
Jan. 10, 2018MilestonesDavis, MilesFunkbrother69mixtape openersParaMhor
Jan. 10, 2018Unfinished SymphonyMassive Attackhappyclappermixtape openersParaMhor
Jan. 10, 2018Skylarking DubAndy, Horacenosuchzonemixtape openersParaMhor
Jan. 10, 2018Also Sprach ZarathustraStrauss, RichardBeltwayBanditmixtape openersParaMhor
Jan. 17, 2018MerchandiseFugazihappyclappersales, selling and bargainsEnglishOutlaw
Jan. 17, 2018Step Right UpWaits, Tombarbrynsales, selling and bargainsEnglishOutlaw
Jan. 17, 2018This Guitar is For SaleBare, Bobbytreefrogdemonsales, selling and bargainsEnglishOutlaw
Jan. 17, 2018BargainWho9hairs9knotssales, selling and bargainsEnglishOutlaw
Jan. 17, 2018She Wants to Sell My MonkeyWells, Juniorattwilightlarkssales, selling and bargainsEnglishOutlaw
Jan. 17, 2018I'm Waiting for the ManVelvet Undergroundamyleesales, selling and bargainsEnglishOutlaw
Jan. 17, 2018A Piss in the OceanConflictCarpgatesales, selling and bargainsEnglishOutlaw
Jan. 17, 2018Thrift ShopMacklemore and Ryan Lewis ft WanzSweetHomeAlabamasales, selling and bargainsEnglishOutlaw
Jan. 17, 2018Politics of the Sneaker PumpPublic EnemyBeltway Banditsales, selling and bargainsEnglishOutlaw
Jan. 17, 2018Little ManJackson, AlanSweetHomeAlabamasales, selling and bargainsEnglishOutlaw
Jan. 17, 2018Jumble SaleThackray, Jakeseverinsales, selling and bargainsEnglishOutlaw
Jan. 17, 2018The Red CorvetteMcCutcheon, JohnUnclebensales, selling and bargainsEnglishOutlaw
Jan. 24, 2018Hang Out the Stars in IndianaBowlly, Alseverinhangingnosuchzone
Jan. 24, 2018AaracherThaikkudam BridgeRavi Ramanhangingnosuchzone
Jan. 24, 2018Girl on a SwingAyers, Kevinmegadomhangingnosuchzone
Jan. 24, 2018Hanging AroundStranglersLeaveitallbehindhangingnosuchzone
Jan. 24, 2018Hanging on a StarDrake, Nickattilightlarkshangingnosuchzone
Jan. 24, 2018ReverenceJesus and Mary Chainhappyclapperhangingnosuchzone
Jan. 24, 2018Spring Can Really Hang You Up the MostFitzgerald, EllaMarconius7hangingnosuchzone
Jan. 24, 2018Gallows PoleLed ZeppelinLeaveitallbehindhangingnosuchzone
Jan. 24, 2018Strange FruitSimone, Ninaamyleehangingnosuchzone
Jan. 24, 2018Hangman's HillBlegvad, Petermegadomhangingnosuchzone
Jan. 24, 2018I'm Hanging Up My Heart for youBurke, Solomonattwilightlarkshangingnosuchzone
Jan. 24, 2018Hang On SloopyMcCoysattwilightlarkshangingnosuchzone
Jan. 24, 2018You Keep Me Hanging OnSupremesUnclebenhangingnosuchzone
Jan. 31, 2018You Wear It WellStewart, Rodmegadomviolinamylee
Jan. 31, 2018Old EnoughRaconteursLeaveitallbehindviolinamylee
Jan. 31, 2018Are You Glad to Be in America?Ulmer, James Bloodnosuchzoneviolinamylee
Jan. 31, 2018Black Cat BoneKiller Blues BandMarconius7violinamylee
Jan. 31, 2018No LookingRaincoatsTarquinSpoddviolinamylee
Jan. 31, 2018The Tide is HighParagonsAltraEgoviolinamylee
Jan. 31, 2018Doctor of PhysickFairport Conventionjimviolinamylee
Jan. 31, 2018White BirdIt's a Beautiful DayAltraEgoviolinamylee
Jan. 31, 2018Hassan I SabbahHawkwindBethnoirviolinamylee
Jan. 31, 2018Ciel d'AutomneLa Bottine SourianteTempusfugitviolinamylee
Jan. 31, 2018Open Country JoyMahavishnu OrchestraSkydog7violinamylee
Jan. 31, 2018The Sailor's BonnetGloamingmagicmanviolinamylee
Jan. 31, 2018Violin ConcertoElgar, Edward (performed by Nigel Kennedy)Beltway Banditviolinamylee
Feb. 7, 2018A Short Stop At The Transylvanian Brain SurgeryAmon Düül IITatankaYotankaprovocative titlesattwilightlarks
Feb. 7, 2018In Love With Useless (The Timeless Geometry In The Tradition Of Passing)A Sunny Day in GlasgowDiscoMonsterprovocative titlesattwilightlarks
Feb. 7, 2018Teenage Head in My RefrigeratorDeep Freeze Micevanwolf2provocative titlesattwilightlarks
Feb. 7, 2018Hand Job, Bland Job, I Don't Understand JobGarfunkel and Oatesphilipphilip99provocative titlesattwilightlarks
Feb. 7, 2018I Palindrome IThey Might Be GiantsFlatfrogprovocative titlesattwilightlarks
Feb. 7, 2018This Is How You Spell HaHaHa, We Destroyed The Hopes And Dreams Of A Generation Of Faux RomanticsLos Campesinosbarbrynprovocative titlesattwilightlarks
Feb. 7, 2018Eating the BearArmatrading, Joannosuchzoneprovocative titlesattwilightlarks
Feb. 7, 2018Dedicated to You But You Weren't ListeningSoft Machinemegadomprovocative titlesattwilightlarks
Feb. 7, 2018Chicken Little Was RightTurtlesAltraEgoprovocative titlesattwilightlarks
Feb. 7, 2018Young Male Suicide Blessed by Invisible WomanLeven, JackieTatankaYotankaprovocative titlesattwilightlarks
Feb. 7, 2018Sunlight Bathed the Golden GlowFeltParaMhorprovocative titlesattwilightlarks
Feb. 7, 2018Jack Pelter and His Sex-Change ChickenIndians in MoscowTarquinSpoddprovocative titlesattwilightlarks
Feb. 14, 2018You're the DoctorSegall, Tyvanwolf2honorificsseverin
Feb. 14, 2018King of StrawSlapp Happynosuchzonehonorificsseverin
Feb. 14, 2018Brother NoahShadowsTarquinSpoddhonorificsseverin
Feb. 14, 2018The BrigadierThackray, JakeSuzihonorificsseverin
Feb. 14, 2018Big ChiefProfessor Longhairmagicmanhonorificsseverin
Feb. 14, 2018Lady MarleneKatzenjammerbarbrynhonorificsseverin
Feb. 14, 2018Corporal CleggPink Floydjimhonorificsseverin
Feb. 14, 2018Lord FranklinPentangleTempusfugithonorificsseverin
Feb. 14, 2018Queen MajestyTechniquesmagicmanhonorificsseverin
Feb. 14, 2018Someday My Prince Will ComeBill Evans Trionosuchzonehonorificsseverin
Feb. 14, 2018Rock the CasbahClash9hairs9knotshonorificsseverin
Feb. 14, 2018Reverend LeeHewett, ColleenUnclebenhonorificsseverin
Feb. 21, 2018Blitzkrieg BopRamoneshappyclapperentrance songsSongBarLandlord
Feb. 21, 2018Pretty VacantSex PistolsShivSidecarentrance songsSongBarLandlord
Feb. 21, 2018Teenage KicksUndertonesParaMhorentrance songsSongBarLandlord
Feb. 21, 2018Little Green bagGeorge Baker SelectionAltraEgoentrance songsSongBarLandlord
Feb. 21, 2018Le Chanson de JackyBrel, JacquesTatankaYotankaentrance songsSongBarLandlord
Feb. 21, 2018Jan Pehechan-HoRafi, MohammedUnclebenentrance songsSongBarLandlord
Feb. 21, 2018Baby Elephant walkGrusin, DaveRavi Ramanentrance songsSongBarLandlord
Feb. 21, 2018The Pink Panther ThemeMancini, HenryAngel Earsentrance songsSongBarLandlord
Feb. 21, 2018At LastJames, Ettaseverinentrance songsSongBarLandlord
Feb. 21, 2018I Don't Want to Waste Your TimeOver the RhineDarceysDadentrance songsSongBarLandlord
Feb. 21, 2018American GirlPetty, Tom & the Heartbreakerstreefrogdemonentrance songsSongBarLandlord
Feb. 21, 2018Free RideEdgar Winter GroupAltraEgoentrance songsSongBarLandlord
Feb. 21, 2018The Liberty BellHM Coldstream Guards (John Philip Sousa)jimentrance songsSongBarLandlord
Feb. 21, 2018Entry of the Gods into ValhallaWagner, Richardmagicmanentrance songsSongBarLandlord
Feb. 28, 2018Birdhouse in Your SoulThey Might Be GiantsSuziunusual narratorsbarbryn
Feb. 28, 2018The Lighthouse's TaleNickel CreekSuziunusual narratorsbarbryn
Feb. 28, 2018Lightning RodGusterphilipphilip99unusual narratorsbarbryn
Feb. 28, 2018Space DoggityCoulton, JonathanSuziunusual narratorsbarbryn
Feb. 28, 2018I Am the FoxKerr, Nancy & James FaganSuziunusual narratorsbarbryn
Feb. 28, 2018Little Red Robin Hood Hit the RoadWyatt, Robertnosuchzoneunusual narratorsbarbryn
Feb. 28, 2018The LovecatsCurehappyclapperunusual narratorsbarbryn
Feb. 28, 2018The AntelopeJeays, PhilipTatankaYotankaunusual narratorsbarbryn
Feb. 28, 2018Einstein's BrainDarkCarpgateunusual narratorsbarbryn
Feb. 28, 2018Jerdacuttup ManTriffidsvanwolf2unusual narratorsbarbryn
Feb. 28, 2018I'm a TruckSimpson, RedSweetHomeAlabamaunusual narratorsbarbryn
Feb. 28, 2018Milk TeethGeckoToffeeBoyunusual narratorsbarbryn
Mar. 7, 2018Iron ManBlack SabbathRavi Ramantime travelEnglishOutlaw
Mar. 7, 2018Year 3000Bustedbishboshtime travelEnglishOutlaw
Mar. 7, 2018If I Had a Time Machine, That Would Be FreshMC Larsdeanofromoztime travelEnglishOutlaw
Mar. 7, 2018If I Had My Time AgainGroundhog Day Original Broadway CastFlatfrogtime travelEnglishOutlaw
Mar. 7, 2018Halloween NightAKB48Hoshino Sakuratime travelEnglishOutlaw
Mar. 7, 2018Let's Go Round AgainAverage White Bandattwilightlarkstime travelEnglishOutlaw
Mar. 7, 2018Time MachineChilders, DavidTatankaYotankatime travelEnglishOutlaw
Mar. 7, 2018Sing Me Back HomeGrateful DeadChris7572time travelEnglishOutlaw
Mar. 7, 2018NostalgiaBuzzcocksvanwolf2time travelEnglishOutlaw
Mar. 7, 2018Walter CarlosMomusuneasy listeningtime travelEnglishOutlaw
Mar. 7, 2018The Consequences of Time Travel (Part 1)Vernian ProcessBethnoirtime travelEnglishOutlaw
Mar. 7, 2018The Electromagnetic Azoth - UBIKSecret Chiefs 39hairs9knotstime travelEnglishOutlaw
Mar. 14, 2018Watching the DetectivesCostello, Elvisnosuchzoneinfluenced by reggaeUncleben
Mar. 14, 2018Maantien Laitaa Yona & Orkesteri Liikkuvat Pilvet (with Puppa J)DiscoMonsterinfluenced by reggaeUncleben
Mar. 14, 2018HeavenPere Ubumegadominfluenced by reggaeUncleben
Mar. 14, 2018CuriousKode9 & the Spaceapemagicmaninfluenced by reggaeUncleben
Mar. 14, 2018I UnderstandAngelic UpstartsCarpgateinfluenced by reggaeUncleben
Mar. 14, 2018Master Blaster (Jammin')Wonder, StevieBeltway Banditinfluenced by reggaeUncleben
Mar. 14, 2018Belle de NuitLes Negresses VertesParaMhorinfluenced by reggaeUncleben
Mar. 14, 2018The World GirlScritti Polittiphilipphilip99influenced by reggaeUncleben
Mar. 14, 2018Big MuffMartyn, Johnmegadominfluenced by reggaeUncleben
Mar. 14, 2018Love Song # 1Ndegeocello, Meshellnosuchzoneinfluenced by reggaeUncleben
Mar. 14, 2018Haitian DivorceSteely Danmegadominfluenced by reggaeUncleben
Mar. 14, 2018AfrikiBlondy, AlphaTempusfugitinfluenced by reggaeUncleben
Mar. 14, 2018Meurglys III, The Songwriter's GuildVan Der Graaf GeneratorTatankaYotankainfluenced by reggaeUncleben
Mar. 21, 2018Man With a HarmonicaMorricone, EnnioIan Cuthbertharmonicamagicman
Mar. 21, 2018Orange Blossom SpecialMcCoy, Charliemegadomharmonicamagicman
Mar. 21, 2018Blue LightLittle WalterBeltway Banditharmonicamagicman
Mar. 21, 2018Walking BluesButterfield Blues BandRavi Ramanharmonicamagicman
Mar. 21, 2018AlfieWonder, Steviemegadomharmonicamagicman
Mar. 21, 2018Good Morning Little SchoolgirlWilliamson I, Sonny BoyUnclebenharmonicamagicman
Mar. 21, 2018The Blues Had a Baby (And They Called It Rock 'n' Roll)Waters, MuddyAltraEgoharmonicamagicman
Mar. 21, 2018Whammer JammerJ. Geils Bandalfie hisselfharmonicamagicman
Mar. 21, 2018The Genevieve WaltzAdler, LarryBeltway Banditharmonicamagicman
Mar. 21, 2018EasyHorton, Big Walterattwilightlarksharmonicamagicman
Mar. 21, 2018Room To MoveMayall, JohnShivSidecarharmonicamagicman
Mar. 21, 2018Brown BalladJones, QuincyAlBahookyharmonicamagicman
Mar. 21, 2018Midnight CowboyBarry, JohnToffeeBoyharmonicamagicman
Mar. 28, 2018We Are LegionAnonymousmagicmananonymityAnonymous
Mar. 28, 2018A Face in the CrowdPetty, TomdeanofromozanonymityAnonymous
Mar. 28, 2018Feel Like a NumberSeger, BobdeanofromozanonymityAnonymous
Mar. 28, 2018What's Behind the MaskCrampsTarquinSpoddanonymityAnonymous
Mar. 28, 2018The StrangerMcWilliams, DavidBeltway BanditanonymityAnonymous
Mar. 28, 2018Wooden Horse (Caspar Hauser's Song)Vega, Suzannephilipphilip99anonymityAnonymous
Mar. 28, 2018Who's in Here With Me?Cravatsvanwolf2anonymityAnonymous
Mar. 28, 2018Anonymous ClubBarnett, CourtneyUnclebenanonymityAnonymous
Mar. 28, 2018No Face, No Name, No NumberTrafficBeltway BanditanonymityAnonymous
Mar. 28, 2018Who Are You?WhoseverinanonymityAnonymous
Mar. 28, 2018NumbersSoft CellCarpgateanonymityAnonymous
Mar. 28, 2018BabooshkaBush, KateLeaveitallbehindanonymityAnonymous
Mar. 28, 2018Persons UnknownPoison GirlsCarpgateanonymityAnonymous
April 4, 2018Sri Ventkateswara SuprabhatamSubbulakshmi, M. S.Ravi Ramanwaking upParaMhor
April 4, 2018ColoursDonovanBeltway Banditwaking upParaMhor
April 4, 2018I Say a Little PrayerFranklin, ArethaTatankaYotankawaking upParaMhor
April 4, 2018I Wake Up CryingJackson, Chuckattwilightlarkswaking upParaMhor
April 4, 2018Nobody Knows the Way I Feel This MorningSmith, Claramagicmanwaking upParaMhor
April 4, 2018I'm Only SleepingBeatlesBeltway Banditwaking upParaMhor
April 4, 2018BreathlessCave, Nick & the Bad Seedsmegadomwaking upParaMhor
April 4, 2018Wake Me Up Before You Go-GoWham!nosuchzonewaking upParaMhor
April 4, 2018Waking UpElasticahappyclapperwaking upParaMhor
April 4, 2018OatmealSudan Archivesunterguntherwaking upParaMhor
April 4, 2018El Manisero (The Peanut Vendor)Havana Casino OrchestraRavi Ramanwaking upParaMhor
April 4, 2018Diamond DewGorky's Zygotic MynciShivSidecarwaking upParaMhor
April 4, 2018The Birds in Your GardenPulpbarbrynwaking upParaMhor
April 11, 2018Golden BirdiesCaptain BeefheartmegadombirdsongHoshino Sakura
April 11, 2018Peanut DuckGee, MarshaUnclebenbirdsongHoshino Sakura
April 11, 2018Duck Cha-ChaCarbon, LisaunterguntherbirdsongHoshino Sakura
April 11, 2018Ciocarlia si SuiteFanfare CiocarliaNilpferdbirdsongHoshino Sakura
April 11, 2018Bird of CuzcoNastasia, NinaShivSidecarbirdsongHoshino Sakura
April 11, 2018Le Coucou au Fond des Bois (from Carnival of the Animals)Saint-Saëns, CamilleBeltway BanditbirdsongHoshino Sakura
April 11, 2018Friday AfternoonsBritten, BenjaminseverinbirdsongHoshino Sakura
April 11, 2018Cry of the Wild GooseLes Compagnons de la ChansontreefrogdemonbirdsongHoshino Sakura
April 11, 2018Flowers in the WindowTravismagicmanbirdsongHoshino Sakura
April 11, 2018Watching You Without MeBush, KateParaMhorbirdsongHoshino Sakura
April 11, 2018Oiseaux ExotiquesMessiaen, Olivier (performed by Daniel Kirk-Foster)magicmanbirdsongHoshino Sakura
April 11, 2018Nightingales and BombersBBC Sound Archivephilipphilip99birdsongHoshino Sakura
April 18, 2018If It Wasn't for the 'Ouses in BetweenElen, GusseverinSongs from 1900-1955DiscoMonster
April 18, 2018Any Old IronChampion, HarrySuziSongs from 1900-1955DiscoMonster
April 18, 2018The EntertainerJoplin, ScottSuziSongs from 1900-1955DiscoMonster
April 18, 2018After You've GoneHarris, MarionBeltway BanditSongs from 1900-1955DiscoMonster
April 18, 2018I'd Climb the Highest Mountain (If I Knew I'd Find You)Smith, "Whispering" JackunterguntherSongs from 1900-1955DiscoMonster
April 18, 2018Parlez Moi s'AmourBoyer, LucienneunterguntherSongs from 1900-1955DiscoMonster
April 18, 2018VolverGardel, CarlosAndrew MorrisseySongs from 1900-1955DiscoMonster
April 18, 2018Lágrimas NegrasTrio MatamorosmagicmanSongs from 1900-1955DiscoMonster
April 18, 2018My Daddy Rocks Me (With One Steady Roll)Smith, TrixieseverinSongs from 1900-1955DiscoMonster
April 18, 2018It Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got Swing)Ellington, Duke & his OrchestraseverinSongs from 1900-1955DiscoMonster
April 18, 2018Shave 'em DryBogan, LucilleseverinSongs from 1900-1955DiscoMonster
April 18, 2018The Prisoner's SongDalhart, VernonSweetHomeAlabamaSongs from 1900-1955DiscoMonster
April 18, 2018Szomorú VasárnapSeress, Rezső Beltway BanditSongs from 1900-1955DiscoMonster
April 18, 2018Hellhound on my TrailJohnson, RobertParaMhorSongs from 1900-1955DiscoMonster
April 18, 2018StardustArmstrong, LouismagicmanSongs from 1900-1955DiscoMonster
April 18, 2018Cheek to CheekAstaire, FredParaMhorSongs from 1900-1955DiscoMonster
April 18, 2018Deep PurpleClinton, Larry and his Orchestra (with Bea Wain)Marconius7Songs from 1900-1955DiscoMonster
April 18, 2018Mood IndigoBoswell SistersmagicmanSongs from 1900-1955DiscoMonster
April 18, 2018Goodnight SweetheartBowlly, AlBeltway BanditSongs from 1900-1955DiscoMonster
April 18, 2018É Doce Morrer No MarCaymmi, DorivalpejepeineSongs from 1900-1955DiscoMonster
April 18, 2018Konoyo no HanaShimakura, ChiyokoHoshino SakuraSongs from 1900-1955DiscoMonster
April 18, 2018Nature BoyCole, Nat KingseverinSongs from 1900-1955DiscoMonster
April 18, 2018The Walkin' BluesPowell, Jesse with Fluffy HunterAlBahookySongs from 1900-1955DiscoMonster
April 18, 2018Cadillac BoogieLiggins, Jimmy and his Drops of JoyMitch MitchellSongs from 1900-1955DiscoMonster
April 18, 2018How Many More YearsHowlin' WolfRavi RamanSongs from 1900-1955DiscoMonster
April 18, 2018There's No One But YouOriolesseverinSongs from 1900-1955DiscoMonster
April 18, 2018Body and SoulVaughan, Sarah with Clifford BrownNilpferdSongs from 1900-1955DiscoMonster
April 25, 2018This Town Ain't Big Enough For the Both of UsSparksmegadomconfidenceseverin
April 25, 2018I CanNas Unclebenconfidenceseverin
April 25, 2018Turn Me AroundStaples, Mavis (with Bonnie Raitt)Ravi Ramanconfidenceseverin
April 25, 2018One Way or AnotherBlondieSuziconfidenceseverin
April 25, 2018He's Misstra Know It AllWonder, Stevienosuchzoneconfidenceseverin
April 25, 2018ConfidenceHammill, PeterTatankaYotankaconfidenceseverin
April 25, 2018How Can I Be Sure?Cassidy, Davidmagicmanconfidenceseverin
April 25, 2018I Can HelpSwan, Billymegadomconfidenceseverin
April 25, 2018Buffalo StanceCherry, Nenehmegadomconfidenceseverin
April 25, 2018Express YourselfN.W.A.amyleeconfidenceseverin
April 25, 2018IrreplaceableBeyoncéoutoftheblueconfidenceseverin
April 25, 2018Hold Your Head UpArgentmegadomconfidenceseverin
May 2, 2018HighwaymanHighwaymenSweetHomeAlabamaimmortality and longevitytreefrogdemon
May 2, 2018My My, Hey HeyYoung, Neilseverinimmortality and longevitytreefrogdemon
May 2, 2018Rivers RunPolwart, KarineSuziimmortality and longevitytreefrogdemon
May 2, 2018I Have Always Been Here BeforeBeltway BanditCope, Julianimmortality and longevitytreefrogdemon
May 2, 2018We're Going to Live for a Very Long TimeHeaven 17Beltway Banditimmortality and longevitytreefrogdemon
May 2, 2018No End to MeCadaver ClubEnglishOutlawimmortality and longevitytreefrogdemon
May 2, 2018Leaning on the Everlasting ArmsJackson, MahaliaRavi Ramanimmortality and longevitytreefrogdemon
May 2, 2018Where the Soul Never DiesWilliams, HankParaMhorimmortality and longevitytreefrogdemon
May 2, 2018Eternal LoveStewart, Delanonosuchzoneimmortality and longevitytreefrogdemon
May 2, 2018Forever YoungDylan, Bobmegadomimmortality and longevitytreefrogdemon
May 2, 2018If We Were VampiresIsbell, Jason and the 400 UnitLeaveitallbehindimmortality and longevitytreefrogdemon
May 2, 2018Still LifeVan Der Graaf Generatormegadomimmortality and longevitytreefrogdemon
May 9, 2018Set That Baggage DownCrosby, DavidJoellebags and containersleaveitallbehind
May 9, 2018Heart Shaped BoxNirvanahappyclapperbags and containersleaveitallbehind
May 9, 2018First I Look at the PurseContoursBeltway Banditbags and containersleaveitallbehind
May 9, 2018Trunk BoxMother HipsSkydog7bags and containersleaveitallbehind
May 9, 2018Handbags and GladragsStewart, RodRavi Ramanbags and containersleaveitallbehind
May 9, 2018A Basket of FlowersNightcrawlerstreefrogdemonbags and containersleaveitallbehind
May 9, 2018Brown Paper BagSyndicate of SoundRavi Ramanbags and containersleaveitallbehind
May 9, 2018I Got a Bag of My OwnBrown, Jamesattwilightlarksbags and containersleaveitallbehind
May 9, 2018Living in a BoxLiving in a Boxhappyclapperbags and containersleaveitallbehind
May 9, 2018In My BoxFairfield ParlourShivSidecarbags and containersleaveitallbehind
May 9, 2018Under My BedMeikoSweetHomeAlabamabags and containersleaveitallbehind
May 16, 2018CelebrationYoung Fresh FellowsSweetHomeAlabamabright songs, dark subjectsphilipphilip99
May 16, 2018You Got to MoveDavis, Reverend Garytincanmanbright songs, dark subjectsphilipphilip99
May 16, 2018Girlfriend in a ComaSmithsbarbrynbright songs, dark subjectsphilipphilip99
May 16, 2018Hearts & CrossesHeavenlyuneasy listeningbright songs, dark subjectsphilipphilip99
May 16, 2018Suki, Suki, DaisukiTogawa, JunTarquinSpoddbright songs, dark subjectsphilipphilip99
May 16, 2018I Love Pop MusicLee, BenSweetHomeAlabamabright songs, dark subjectsphilipphilip99
May 16, 2018Chillout TentHold SteadyDarceysDadbright songs, dark subjectsphilipphilip99
May 16, 2018The Right ProfileClashAlBahookybright songs, dark subjectsphilipphilip99
May 16, 2018Lost HorizonsGin Blossomsamyleebright songs, dark subjectsphilipphilip99
May 16, 2018CrashPrimitivesSweetHomeAlabamabright songs, dark subjectsphilipphilip99
May 23, 2018Seven Nation ArmyWhite Stripesmegadomartistic trends of the 21st centurynilpferd
May 23, 2018Punk PrayerPussy Riotseverinartistic trends of the 21st centurynilpferd
May 23, 2018JobseekerSleaford ModsFretlessBasserartistic trends of the 21st centurynilpferd
May 23, 2018American GuiltUnknown Mortal OrchestraShivSidecarartistic trends of the 21st centurynilpferd
May 23, 2018Fix Up, Look SharpRascal, Dizzeeamyleeartistic trends of the 21st centurynilpferd
May 23, 2018LatchDisclosure ft. Sam Smithmagicmanartistic trends of the 21st centurynilpferd
May 23, 2018Carbon 7 (161)JlinDiscoMonsterartistic trends of the 21st centurynilpferd
May 23, 2018Future StringsFinch, Catrin and Sekou KeitaSuziartistic trends of the 21st centurynilpferd
May 23, 2018BinkySnarky PuppyLeaveitallbehindartistic trends of the 21st centurynilpferd
May 23, 2018FormationBeyoncébishboshartistic trends of the 21st centurynilpferd
May 23, 2018Aint' Misbehavin'Moran, Jason and Meshell Ndegeocellounterguntherartistic trends of the 21st centurynilpferd
May 23, 2018PynkMonae, Janellebarbrynartistic trends of the 21st centurynilpferd
May 30, 2018Here Comes AliceJesus & Mary Chainhappyclappernon-alcoholic drinksuneasy listening
May 30, 2018Glass of WaterLithicsvanwolf2non-alcoholic drinksuneasy listening
May 30, 2018Let's Go Get CokesFactionSkydog7non-alcoholic drinksuneasy listening
May 30, 2018Diet CokePriestsvanwolf2non-alcoholic drinksuneasy listening
May 30, 2018Hot ChocolateShonen KnifeTarquinSpoddnon-alcoholic drinksuneasy listening
May 30, 2018IsotopacolaChineapple PunxCarpgatenon-alcoholic drinksuneasy listening
May 30, 2018Lemon TeaSheena & the RokketsTarquinSpoddnon-alcoholic drinksuneasy listening
May 30, 2018Hot Chocolate BoyBeat HappeningUnclebennon-alcoholic drinksuneasy listening
May 30, 2018And In a NutshellChumbawambamegadomnon-alcoholic drinksuneasy listening
May 30, 2018Hot MilkMittoo, Jackienilpferdnon-alcoholic drinksuneasy listening
June 6, 2018The Swan Rockmore, Clara (composer Saint-Saëns)megadomelectronic music to 1983magicman
June 6, 2018Love Don't Libve Here AnymoreRose Roycenosuchzoneelectronic music to 1983magicman
June 6, 2018TimewhysTonto's Expanding Head BandUnclebenelectronic music to 1983magicman
June 6, 2018WatussiHarmoniamegadomelectronic music to 1983magicman
June 6, 2018The GnomeEmerson, Lake & Palmer (composer: Mussorgsky)Joelleelectronic music to 1983magicman
June 6, 2018PortofinoScott, RaymondUnclebenelectronic music to 1983magicman
June 6, 2018Behind the MaskYellow Magic Orchestraphilipphilip99electronic music to 1983magicman
June 6, 2018SOSAbbaParaMhorelectronic music to 1983magicman
June 6, 2018FlamingoRundgren, Todd9hairs9knotselectronic music to 1983magicman
June 6, 2018Back Street LuvCurved AirShivSidecarelectronic music to 1983magicman
June 6, 2018Electric GardenSchnitzler, Conradmegadomelectronic music to 1983magicman
June 6, 2018St. Elmo's FireEno, BrianDjinnjahaelectronic music to 1983magicman
June 6, 2018NeukölnBowie, Davidmegadomelectronic music to 1983magicman
June 6, 2018Doctor Who ThemeDerbyshire, Deliaattwilightlarkselectronic music to 1983magicman
June 6, 2018Création Du MondeVangelisBanazirGalbasielectronic music to 1983magicman
June 6, 2018The Fifth Wave: Water LullabyCiani, SuzanneDiscoMonsterelectronic music to 1983magicman
June 13, 2018Stranger in Blue Suede ShoesAyers, KevinShivSidecarmarijuanamegadom
June 13, 2018Along Comes MaryAssociationParaMhormarijuanamegadom
June 13, 2018Thoughts of Mary JaneDrake, Nickbarbrynmarijuanamegadom
June 13, 2018Stoned and StarvingParquet Courtsamyleemarijuanamegadom
June 13, 2018The International HerbCultureTarquinSpoddmarijuanamegadom
June 13, 2018Magic Carpet RideSteppenwolfRavi Ramanmarijuanamegadom
June 13, 2018Ganja SmugglingEek-a-MouseUnclebenmarijuanamegadom
June 13, 2018Don't Bogart That JointFraternity of ManNickomarijuanamegadom
June 13, 2018Weed BusStairsvanwolf2marijuanamegadom
June 13, 2018Legalize ItTosh, Peteramyleemarijuanamegadom
June 13, 2018Stoned LoveSupremesShivSidecarmarijuanamegadom
June 13, 2018KayaMarley, Bobmagicmanmarijuanamegadom
June 13, 2018Eight Miles HighByrdsParaMhormarijuanamegadom
June 20, 2018So Here I ComeCherry, Nenehseverinalbum endingsParaMhor
June 20, 2018BikePink FloydShivSidecaralbum endingsParaMhor
June 20, 2018There, There My DearDexys Midnight Runersattwilightlarksalbum endingsParaMhor
June 20, 2018A World AloneLordeEnglishOutlawalbum endingsParaMhor
June 20, 2018KicksFKA TwigsFretlessBasseralbum endingsParaMhor
June 20, 2018Medicine For My PainLinden David Hallnosuchzonealbum endingsParaMhor
June 20, 2018The Big SleepBat for LashesBethnoiralbum endingsParaMhor
June 20, 2018Tender is the NightTriffidsbishboshalbum endingsParaMhor
June 20, 2018StarshipKantner, Paull & Jefferson StarshipTempusfugitalbum endingsParaMhor
June 20, 2018You Set the SceneLovemegadomalbum endingsParaMhor
June 20, 2018Moonlight MileRolling Stonesamyleealbum endingsParaMhor
June 20, 2018I Can't WinCooder, Rymagicmanalbum endingsParaMhor
June 20, 2018ElectroliteR.E.M.megadomalbum endingsParaMhor
June 27, 2018I Am the OwlDead KennedyshappyclapperconspiraciesDeepThroatSinger
June 27, 2018CIA ManFugsuneasy listeningconspiraciesDeepThroatSinger
June 27, 2018American IdiotGreen DayLeaveitallbehindconspiraciesDeepThroatSinger
June 27, 2018Somebody's Watching MeRockwellbishboshconspiraciesDeepThroatSinger
June 27, 2018I Think I'm ParanoidGarbagebishboshconspiraciesDeepThroatSinger
June 27, 2018Brain of J.Pearl JamLeaveitallbehindconspiraciesDeepThroatSinger
June 27, 2018Victory for the VictorsRubella BalletCarpgateconspiraciesDeepThroatSinger
June 27, 2018Oh My GodFranti, Michael and SpearheadmegadomconspiraciesDeepThroatSinger
June 27, 2018Can't Truss ItPublic EnemySkydog7conspiraciesDeepThroatSinger
June 27, 2018Who Killed Brian Jones?Peel, David & Deathuneasy listeningconspiraciesDeepThroatSinger
June 27, 2018They're Talking About MeBragg, JohnnyattwilightlarksconspiraciesDeepThroatSinger
June 27, 2018Elvis is EverywhereNixon, Mojo and Skid RoperSweetHomeAlabamaconspiraciesDeepThroatSinger
July 4, 2018Fio MaravhilaJorge BenpejepeinesubstitutionsMarconius7
July 4, 2018Woods of DarneyRichard ThompsonSuzisubstitutionsMarconius7
July 4, 2018The Other ManSloanphilipphilip99substitutionsMarconius7
July 4, 2018The RapMillie JacksonmagicmansubstitutionsMarconius7
July 4, 2018I'm StraightModern LoversseverinsubstitutionsMarconius7
July 4, 2018The Spider and the FlyRolling StonesSuzisubstitutionsMarconius7
July 4, 2018IrreplaceableBeyoncémagicmansubstitutionsMarconius7
July 4, 2018How Come My Dog Don't BarkDr. JohnRavi RamansubstitutionsMarconius7
July 4, 2018Another LoveTom OdellattwilightlarkssubstitutionsMarconius7
July 4, 2018Synthetic SubstitutionMelvin BlisspejepeinesubstitutionsMarconius7
July 4, 2018Sample and HoldNeil YoungFretlessBassersubstitutionsMarconius7
July 4, 2018OnlineBrad PaisleyamyleesubstitutionsMarconius7
July 4, 2018One Thousand Cherry TreesHatsune MikuTarquinSpoddsubstitutionsMarconius7
July 11, 2018El Niño InseminadoDoble, Vainicapejepeinenursingseverin
July 11, 2018The NurseNurse (ナース)uneasy listeningnursingseverin
July 11, 2018HospitalHoop, Jescabarbrynnursingseverin
July 11, 2018The NurseWhite StripesLeaveitallbehindnursingseverin
July 11, 2018The Lady With the LampMcDonald, Country JoeNickonursingseverin
July 11, 2018Sister MorphineRolling Stonesamyleenursingseverin
July 11, 2018PillsDiddley, Bouneasy listeningnursingseverin
July 11, 2018When Under EtherHarvey, PJChris7572nursingseverin
July 11, 2018Ocean SprayManic Street Preachersphilipphilip99nursingseverin
July 11, 2018Night NurseO'Connor, SineadNickonursingseverin
July 11, 2018Nursing HomeMinistryRavi Ramannursingseverin
July 11, 2018No Profit in PainRhys, Gruffphilipphilip99nursingseverin
July 18, 2018Alice in UndergroundDadaromaHoshino SakuracavesLeaveitallbehind
July 18, 2018The HoleVan Zandt, TownestreefrogdemoncavesLeaveitallbehind
July 18, 2018Way Down HadestownMitchell, AnaisRavi RamancavesLeaveitallbehind
July 18, 2018Tunnel of LoveSpringsteen, BruceamyleecavesLeaveitallbehind
July 18, 2018Coal WarsJames, JoshuatincanmancavesLeaveitallbehind
July 18, 2018The Testimony of Patience KershawUnthanksSuzicavesLeaveitallbehind
July 18, 2018The Colliers (Hold Your Fire)Lakeman, SethSuzicavesLeaveitallbehind
July 18, 2018Black Lung HeartacheBonamassa, JoeRavi RamancavesLeaveitallbehind
July 18, 2018Blood Upon CopperLakeman, SethSuzicavesLeaveitallbehind
July 18, 2018Dark as a DungeonCash, JohnnySuzicavesLeaveitallbehind
July 18, 2018GravediggerMatthews, DaveamyleecavesLeaveitallbehind
July 18, 2018Brave New WorldWayne, Jeffphilipphilip99cavesLeaveitallbehind
July 18, 2018Khazas-dûmShore, HowardSuzicavesLeaveitallbehind
July 25, 2018StayBowie, DavidUnclebenstayingamylee
July 25, 2018If You Want Me to StaySly and the Family Stonenosuchzonestayingamylee
July 25, 2018Stay LooseMorris, HemsleyNickostayingamylee
July 25, 2018The Viaduct (Ian Carmichael Remix)Pastelsvanwolf2stayingamylee
July 25, 2018Wild OnesSuedeParaMhorstayingamylee
July 25, 2018I'm a DreamerThompson, Lindatreefrogdemonstayingamylee
July 25, 2018You Stay HereShindell, RichardUnclebenstayingamylee
July 25, 2018To Make You StayOffa Rexseverinstayingamylee
July 25, 2018The Secret Language of BirdsAnderson, IanBanzirGalbasistayingamylee
July 25, 2018Lay Lady LayDylan, BobUnclebenstayingamylee
July 25, 2018Wild HorsesRolling StonesDiscoMonsterstayingamylee
July 25, 2018Thank YouLed ZeppelinLeaveitallbehindstayingamylee
July 25, 2018OfferingsScott-Heron, Gil and Brian JacksonAlBahookystayingamylee
Aug. 1, 2018Plastic JesusBiafra, Jello & Mojo NixonhappyclapperplasticEnglishOutlaw
Aug. 1, 2018Plastic PaddyBogle, EricdeanofromozplasticEnglishOutlaw
Aug. 1, 2018Dear PlasticSugarcubesDiscoMonsterplasticEnglishOutlaw
Aug. 1, 2018Red Solo CupKeith, TobyLeaveitallbehindplasticEnglishOutlaw
Aug. 1, 2018Plastic BagX-Ray SpexShivSidecarplasticEnglishOutlaw
Aug. 1, 2018Plastic LifeRubella BalletCarpgateplasticEnglishOutlaw
Aug. 1, 2018Toxic Garbage IslandGojiraBethnoirplasticEnglishOutlaw
Aug. 1, 2018Credit CardsSpy vs. SpyNickoplasticEnglishOutlaw
Aug. 1, 2018One Million CoastersNOFXRavi RamanplasticEnglishOutlaw
Aug. 1, 2018Never Played a 45Macka BNickoplasticEnglishOutlaw
Aug. 1, 2018Synthetic WorldSwamp DoggpejepeineplasticEnglishOutlaw
Aug. 1, 2018Plastic FlowerTuoya, WulanTarquinSpoddplasticEnglishOutlaw
Aug. 1, 2018Plastic JesusNewman, PaultreefrogdemonplasticEnglishOutlaw
Aug. 8, 2018Precarious StairCrystal Stiltsvanwolf2ladders, stairs, etc. attwilightlarks
Aug. 8, 2018The Little Man Who Wasn't ThereMiller, Glennphilipphilip99ladders, stairs, etc. attwilightlarks
Aug. 8, 2018Lady RachelAyers, Kevin9hairs9knotsladders, stairs, etc. attwilightlarks
Aug. 8, 2018Stray Cat BluesRolling Stonesamyleeladders, stairs, etc. attwilightlarks
Aug. 8, 2018Love for SaleHoliday, BillieParaMhorladders, stairs, etc. attwilightlarks
Aug. 8, 2018LiftRadioheadParaMhorladders, stairs, etc. attwilightlarks
Aug. 8, 2018GénériqueDavis, Milesnosuchzoneladders, stairs, etc. attwilightlarks
Aug. 8, 2018Cold, Rain and SnowGrateful DeadChris7572ladders, stairs, etc. attwilightlarks
Aug. 8, 2018Dirt in the GroundWaits, Tomnosuchzoneladders, stairs, etc. attwilightlarks
Aug. 8, 2018Up the TowerProtomartyrvanwolf2ladders, stairs, etc. attwilightlarks
Aug. 8, 2018Padipattu (Breathless)Mahadevan, ShankarRavi Ramanladders, stairs, etc. attwilightlarks
Aug. 8, 2018Jacob's LadderSpringsteen, Brucetreefrogdemonladders, stairs, etc. attwilightlarks
Aug. 15, 2018Truly (1977 Discomix)Jays & Ranking TrevorShivSidecar12" singles to 1979DiscoMonster
Aug. 15, 2018Dance Dance Dance... Yowsah! Yowsah! Yowsah!Chicmagicman12" singles to 1979DiscoMonster
Aug. 15, 2018Miss You (12" Version)Rolling Stonesamylee12" singles to 1979DiscoMonster
Aug. 15, 2018Money in My PocketBrown, Dennis (with Cool Runnings - Prince Mohammed/Joe Gibbs & the Porfessionals)magicman12" singles to 1979DiscoMonster
Aug. 15, 2018Now That We've Found LoveThird Worldmegadom12" singles to 1979DiscoMonster
Aug. 15, 2018FlashlightParliamentSeth Miller12" singles to 1979DiscoMonster
Aug. 15, 2018You Make Me Feel (Original 12" Version)SylvesterOliveButler12" singles to 1979DiscoMonster
Aug. 15, 2018Liza...LizaRahbani, Eliasphilipphilip9912" singles to 1979DiscoMonster
Aug. 15, 2018Big BlowDibango, ManuNicko12" singles to 1979DiscoMonster
Aug. 15, 2018Kiss Me AgainDinosaurUncleben12" singles to 1979DiscoMonster
Aug. 15, 2018Weep and Mourn (12" Version)Israel VibrationTarquinSpodd12" singles to 1979DiscoMonster
Aug. 15, 2018Dream Baby Dream (Long Version)Suicideuntergunther12" singles to 1979DiscoMonster
Aug. 15, 2018Funkytown (Super Disco Version)Lipps Inc.David Brown12" singles to 1979DiscoMonster
Aug. 15, 2018Life in Tokyo (12")Japanmegadom12" singles to 1979DiscoMonster
Aug. 15, 2018Dancing the Night AwayMotorsShivSidecar12" singles to 1979DiscoMonster
Aug. 15, 2018And the Beat Goes OnWhispers9hairs9knots12" singles to 1979DiscoMonster
Aug. 22, 2018Silver MachineHawkwindLeaveitallbehindsilver and other metalsTatankaYotanka
Aug. 22, 2018Tin OmenSkinny Puppyamyleesilver and other metalsTatankaYotanka
Aug. 22, 2018Silver (Tidal Wave)Echo & the BunnymenParaMhorsilver and other metalsTatankaYotanka
Aug. 22, 2018Think ZincT. Rexseverinsilver and other metalsTatankaYotanka
Aug. 22, 2018Silver BirdU-RoyUnclebensilver and other metalsTatankaYotanka
Aug. 22, 2018Lead Poisoned JeanFrenzal RhombNickosilver and other metalsTatankaYotanka
Aug. 22, 2018Sodium Light BabyThe Thevanwolf2silver and other metalsTatankaYotanka
Aug. 22, 2018Platinum TipsRoyal TruxUnclebensilver and other metalsTatankaYotanka
Aug. 22, 2018Thirty Pieces of SilverYabby YouNickosilver and other metalsTatankaYotanka
Aug. 22, 2018Tungsten BabalawoMuldrow, Georgia AnneUnclebensilver and other metalsTatankaYotanka
Aug. 22, 2018De PlataRosalíapejepeinesilver and other metalsTatankaYotanka
Aug. 22, 2018The Silver in Her CrucifixLeven, Jackiemegadomsilver and other metalsTatankaYotanka
Aug. 29, 2018OutsiderRamonesNickooddballs, outcasts & outsidersamylee
Aug. 29, 2018Hot TopicLe Tigreuneasy listeningoddballs, outcasts & outsidersamylee
Aug. 29, 2018He's an OddballLewis Sistersphilipphilip99oddballs, outcasts & outsidersamylee
Aug. 29, 2018Neighbourhood #2 (Laïka)Arcade Firehappyclapperoddballs, outcasts & outsidersamylee
Aug. 29, 2018Killing an ArabCuremegadomoddballs, outcasts & outsidersamylee
Aug. 29, 2018Blackheart ManWailer, Bunnyseverinoddballs, outcasts & outsidersamylee
Aug. 29, 2018Paper ScratcherBLind MeLoNRavi Ramanoddballs, outcasts & outsidersamylee
Aug. 29, 2018Johnny RyallBeastie Boyshappyclapperoddballs, outcasts & outsidersamylee
Aug. 29, 2018Dock EllisManning, BarbaraShivSidecaroddballs, outcasts & outsidersamylee
Aug. 29, 2018Tracy JacksBlurNoodsyoddballs, outcasts & outsidersamylee
Aug. 29, 2018This GirlChumbawambaEnglishOutlawoddballs, outcasts & outsidersamylee
Aug. 29, 2018Jim O'WindygatesLeven, JackieTatankaYotankaoddballs, outcasts & outsidersamylee
Aug. 29, 2018Head Hang LowCope, JulianDiscoMonsteroddballs, outcasts & outsidersamylee
Aug. 29, 2018Oh! You Pretty ThingsBowie, DavidShivSidecaroddballs, outcasts & outsidersamylee
Sept. 5, 2018StartJam DiscoMonsterbrevityseverin
Sept. 5, 2018How Sad, How LovelyConverse, Conniephilipphilip99brevityseverin
Sept. 5, 2018Instant HitSlitsShoegazerbrevityseverin
Sept. 5, 2018The Carnival is OverCave, Nick & the Bad SeedsNickobrevityseverin
Sept. 5, 201821 SecondsSo Solid Crewmagicmanbrevityseverin
Sept. 5, 2018It Has Not Taken LongNicoTarquinSpoddbrevityseverin
Sept. 5, 2018Just One LookTroy, Dorisattwilightlarksbrevityseverin
Sept. 5, 2018One WeekSay Sue MeTarquinSpoddbrevityseverin
Sept. 5, 2018One Brief MomentAtlas, NatachaDiscoMonsterbrevityseverin
Sept. 5, 2018It Only Takes a MinuteTavaresSweetHomeAlabamabrevityseverin
Sept. 5, 2018Sweet Thames Flow SoftlyPrior, Maddy and the GirlsSuzibrevityseverin
Sept. 5, 2018Brief EncounterHigh Contrastsaneshanebrevityseverin
Sept. 12, 2018Suburban HomeboySparksOliveButlerauthenticity and fakeryUncleben
Sept. 12, 2018You Fake It/You Make ItAngelicaTarquinSpoddauthenticity and fakeryUncleben
Sept. 12, 2018WWPRDLewis, Jeffrey & the Rainbarbrynauthenticity and fakeryUncleben
Sept. 12, 2018Olde Tyme Mem'ryMischief BrewEnglishOutlawauthenticity and fakeryUncleben
Sept. 12, 2018Doll PartsHoleamyleeauthenticity and fakeryUncleben
Sept. 12, 2018Wolf in Sheep's ClothingBig Youthseverinauthenticity and fakeryUncleben
Sept. 12, 2018Slapped ActressHold SteadyShoegazerauthenticity and fakeryUncleben
Sept. 12, 2018Myself When I Am RealMingus, Charliemagicmanauthenticity and fakeryUncleben
Sept. 12, 2018I Don't MindBuzzcocksvanwolf2authenticity and fakeryUncleben
Sept. 12, 2018Nobody CaresSuperorganismMussoliniHeadkickauthenticity and fakeryUncleben
Sept. 12, 2018The Man Who Called Himself JesusStrawbsattwilightlarksauthenticity and fakeryUncleben
Sept. 12, 2018The Ballad of El GoodoBig StarParaMhorauthenticity and fakeryUncleben
Sept. 12, 2018The Real ThingMorris, RussellNickoauthenticity and fakeryUncleben
Sept. 19, 2018Walking Down MadisonMacColl, KirstyParaMhorunlikely wordsEnglishOutlaw
Sept. 19, 2018HippopotamusSparksOliverButlerunlikely wordsEnglishOutlaw
Sept. 19, 2018Destroi PhallocentricityOi PolloiCarpgateunlikely wordsEnglishOutlaw
Sept. 19, 2018Love is a Bourgeois ConstructPet Shop Boysbishboshunlikely wordsEnglishOutlaw
Sept. 19, 2018I Was a Maoist IntellectualMomusBethnoirunlikely wordsEnglishOutlaw
Sept. 19, 2018I'm the SlimeZappa, FrankIsabelleForshawunlikely wordsEnglishOutlaw
Sept. 19, 2018Poo-Poo in the PrawnDury, IanShoegazerunlikely wordsEnglishOutlaw
Sept. 19, 2018Leopold AlcoxThackray, JakeJohn Hindleunlikely wordsEnglishOutlaw
Sept. 19, 2018Releasing Hypnotical GasesOrganized Konfusionamyleeunlikely wordsEnglishOutlaw
Sept. 19, 2018VerisimilitudeTeenage Fanclubhappyclapperunlikely wordsEnglishOutlaw
Sept. 19, 2018Pastime ParadiseWonder, StevieIsabelleForshawunlikely wordsEnglishOutlaw
Sept. 19, 2018Monkey and BearNewsom, Joannabarbrynunlikely wordsEnglishOutlaw
Sept. 26, 2018TaxmanBeatlesmegadomfractionsParaMhor
Sept. 26, 2018Obscurity KnocksTrashcan SinatrasbishboshfractionsParaMhor
Sept. 26, 20181 Hour 1/2 AgoRain ParadeShivSidecarfractionsParaMhor
Sept. 26, 2018Mein HerrMinnelli, LizaGreatGrendelfractionsParaMhor
Sept. 26, 2018Definition of a KingTwo Kings in a CipherpejepeinefractionsParaMhor
Sept. 26, 2018DelawareDrop NineteensSkydog7fractionsParaMhor
Sept. 26, 201899 and a 1/2Staples, MavisSeth MillerfractionsParaMhor
Sept. 26, 201844 BluesSlim, Memphis and Willie DixonRavi RamanfractionsParaMhor
Sept. 26, 2018Halfway to ParadiseFury, BillBeltway BanditfractionsParaMhor
Sept. 26, 2018Half the Perfect WorldPeyroux, MadelineseverinfractionsParaMhor
Sept. 26, 2018A Very Small Piece of the Real WorldJohnson, RobbTatankaYotankafractionsParaMhor
Sept. 26, 2018InchwormBoulter, David, Stuart Staples & Kurt Wagner ShoegazerfractionsParaMhor
Sept. 26, 2018Cassava PiecePablo, AugustusUnclebenfractionsParaMhor
Oct. 3, 2018The Lark AscendingVaughan Williams, RalphNeville MorleyEnglandbarbryn
Oct. 3, 2018Oh England, My LionheartBush, Katephilipphilip99Englandbarbryn
Oct. 3, 2018England's GloryWall, MaxseverinEnglandbarbryn
Oct. 3, 2018Here's to Old EnglandHaines, LukehappyclapperEnglandbarbryn
Oct. 3, 2018Dear EnglandLowkey ft Mai KhalilmagicmanEnglandbarbryn
Oct. 3, 2018EnglishPallot, NerinaJenny K.Englandbarbryn
Oct. 3, 2018JerusalemStewart, Mark & the MaffiaShoegazerEnglandbarbryn
Oct. 3, 2018AlbionBabyshamblesToffeeBoyEnglandbarbryn
Oct. 3, 2018For What is Chatteris...Half Man Half BiscuitmegadomEnglandbarbryn
Oct. 3, 2018Losing HaringeyClienteleBanazirGalbasiEnglandbarbryn
Oct. 3, 2018Wessex BoyTurner, FrankLeaveitallbehindEnglandbarbryn
Oct. 3, 2018A Place Called EnglandYoung-UnsSuziEnglandbarbryn
Oct. 10, 2018RewardThe Teardrop ExplodesmegadomidiomsShivSidecar
Oct. 10, 2018The Play's the ThingHammill, PeterTatankaYotankaidiomsShivSidecar
Oct. 10, 2018Poor Old Soul (Part 1)Orange JuiceDiscoMonsteridiomsShivSidecar
Oct. 10, 2018Beyond the PaleMissionBethnoiridiomsShivSidecar
Oct. 10, 2018Beyond BeliefCostello, Elvis & the AttractionsmegadomidiomsShivSidecar
Oct. 10, 2018Law of the LandTemptationsDiscoMonsteridiomsShivSidecar
Oct. 10, 2018You Don't Miss Your WaterBell, WilliamSkydog7idiomsShivSidecar
Oct. 10, 2018SandSinatra, Nancy & Lee HazlewoodMussoliniHeadkickidiomsShivSidecar
Oct. 10, 2018ClichéRundgren, ToddmagicmanidiomsShivSidecar
Oct. 10, 2018Crooked WaysPropaganda ft Terence F. ClarkSkydog7idiomsShivSidecar
Oct. 10, 2018Don't Take My Kindness for WeaknessNdegeocello, MeshellmagicmanidiomsShivSidecar
Oct. 10, 2018Mon Coeur BalanceKoné, DaoudaUnclebenidiomsShivSidecar
Oct. 10, 2018Jammin'Marley, Bob & the WailersIsabelleForshawidiomsShivSidecar
Oct. 17, 2018Harp & Aeolian HarpDeere-Jones, Sarahphilipphilip99harps, lyres & zithersmagicman
Oct. 17, 2018Blue NileColtrane, Aliceattwilightlarksharps, lyres & zithersmagicman
Oct. 17, 2018La IguanaDowns, LilaJamesowen475harps, lyres & zithersmagicman
Oct. 17, 2018FirebratParkins, Zeenanosuchzoneharps, lyres & zithersmagicman
Oct. 17, 2018On a Good DayNewsom, JoannaGreatGrendelharps, lyres & zithersmagicman
Oct. 17, 2018The Boy is MineBrandy & Monicapejepeineharps, lyres & zithersmagicman
Oct. 17, 2018Why Did You Leave MeAshby, Dorothyphilipphilip99harps, lyres & zithersmagicman
Oct. 17, 2018BeastObel, AgnesUnclebenharps, lyres & zithersmagicman
Oct. 17, 2018JarabiJobarteh, SonaNickoharps, lyres & zithersmagicman
Oct. 17, 2018Sea of LoveCat PowerIsabelleForshawharps, lyres & zithersmagicman
Oct. 17, 2018Danse Sacrée & Danse ProfaneDebussy, Claude (performed by Vera Badings)Beltway Banditharps, lyres & zithersmagicman
Oct. 17, 2018All I WantMitchell, JoniParaMhorharps, lyres & zithersmagicman
Oct. 17, 2018MockingbirdFoxx, Inez & CharlieIsabelleForshawharps, lyres & zithersmagicman
Oct. 24, 2018From Protest to ResistanceConflictBethnoirequalitypejepeine
Oct. 24, 2018TreatyYothu YindiNickoequalitypejepeine
Oct. 24, 2018Black Skin Blue Eyed BoysEqualsShivSidecarequalitypejepeine
Oct. 24, 2018Same Thing in ReverseBoy Georgebishboshequalitypejepeine
Oct. 24, 2018Count It UpField Musicbarbrynequalitypejepeine
Oct. 24, 2018Cauliflower CurryJohnson, RobbTatankaYotankaequalitypejepeine
Oct. 24, 2018Meet Me HalfwayRaitt, BonnieIsabelleForshawequalitypejepeine
Oct. 24, 2018Gonna Be an EngineerSeeger, PeggySuziequalitypejepeine
Oct. 24, 2018AlabamaJohn Coltrane QuartetNilpferdequalitypejepeine
Oct. 24, 2018Yes We Can CanPointer SistersRavi Ramanequalitypejepeine
Oct. 24, 2018RouterPangaeanosuchzoneequalitypejepeine
Oct. 24, 2018Fair as EqualWashington, KamasiUnclebenequalitypejepeine
Oct. 31, 2018Dance With the DevilPowell, Cozymegadomthe devilleaveitallbehind
Oct. 31, 2018Devil is FineZeal & ArdorShoegazerthe devilleaveitallbehind
Oct. 31, 2018Runnin' With the DevilVan Halenphilipphilip99the devilleaveitallbehind
Oct. 31, 2018Devil InsideINXSAltraEgothe devilleaveitallbehind
Oct. 31, 2018Devil ManBlue PillsFretlessBasserthe devilleaveitallbehind
Oct. 31, 2018The Devil Takes Care of His OwnBand of SkullsUnclebenthe devilleaveitallbehind
Oct. 31, 2018Shake It OutFlorence & the MachineEnglishOutlawthe devilleaveitallbehind
Oct. 31, 2018My Mother and the DevilLucas, Austintincanmanthe devilleaveitallbehind
Oct. 31, 2018The Devil's DaughterGuy, BuddySeth Millerthe devilleaveitallbehind
Oct. 31, 2018Devil's HaircutBeckGreatGrendelthe devilleaveitallbehind
Oct. 31, 2018Where the Devil Don't StayDrive-By TruckersTempusfugitthe devilleaveitallbehind
Oct. 31, 2018Spanish Trainde Burgh, ChrisMarconius7the devilleaveitallbehind
Nov. 7, 2018Njia Walk (Street Walk)Fatback BandpejepeinewalkingAbahachi
Nov. 7, 2018Two Little FeetBrown, GregJamesowne475walkingAbahachi
Nov. 7, 2018Tinoge Ya Ta'a Ba, Parts 1 and 2Ackamoor, Idris & the PyramidsAlBahookywalkingAbahachi
Nov. 7, 2018Walking the BluesDixon, WillieIsabelleForshawwalkingAbahachi
Nov. 7, 2018Lumi Vesala, EdwardDiscoMonsterwalkingAbahachi
Nov. 7, 2018Walk and SkankJah ScreechysaneshanewalkingAbahachi
Nov. 7, 2018The StrollDiamondsphilipphilip99walkingAbahachi
Nov. 7, 2018Cissy StrutMetersAltraEgowalkingAbahachi
Nov. 7, 2018Stray Cat StrutStray CatsMogdogwalkingAbahachi
Nov. 7, 2018Buenos Aires Hora CeroPiazzolla, AstorpejepeinewalkingAbahachi
Nov. 7, 2018Promenade SentimentaleCosma, Vladimir9hairs9knotswalkingAbahachi
Nov. 14, 2018St. Elmo's FireParr, Johnphilipphilip99determinationMarconius7
Nov. 14, 2018KarateBabymetalNilpferddeterminationMarconius7
Nov. 14, 2018SpitfirePublic Service Broadcastingphilipphilip99determinationMarconius7
Nov. 14, 2018Learning to FlyPink FloydIsabelleForshawdeterminationMarconius7
Nov. 14, 2018A Quitter Never WinsWilliams, Larry & Johnny WatsonattwilightlarksdeterminationMarconius7
Nov. 14, 2018Long Walk to DCStaple SingersRavi RamandeterminationMarconius7
Nov. 14, 2018Sun Will RiseBonobo & Speech DebelleNilpferddeterminationMarconius7
Nov. 14, 2018The ClimbCyrus, MileyoutofthebluedeterminationMarconius7
Nov. 14, 2018RoarPerry, KatyoutofthebluedeterminationMarconius7
Nov. 14, 2018I Drove All NightOrbison, RoySuzideterminationMarconius7
Nov. 14, 2018The AvenueCowboy MouthRavi RamandeterminationMarconius7
Nov. 14, 2018Make It MoveLang, JonnyattwilightlarksdeterminationMarconius7
Nov. 14, 2018We Are the ChampionsQueenShoegazerdeterminationMarconius7
Nov. 21, 2018The GunReed, LouswawilgshootingSuzi
Nov. 21, 2018Janie's Got a GunAerosmithLeaveitallbehindshootingSuzi
Nov. 21, 2018SilencerSundfør, SusanneseverinshootingSuzi
Nov. 21, 2018Just the Right BulletsWaits, TomUnclebenshootingSuzi
Nov. 21, 2018Shoot Out the LightsThompson, Richard and LindaShivSidecarshootingSuzi
Nov. 21, 2018Louis CollinsHurt, Mississippi JohntreefrogdemonshootingSuzi
Nov. 21, 2018Only a Pawn in Their GameDylan, BobTarquinSpoddshootingSuzi
Nov. 21, 2018Tonz of GunzGang StarrAlBahookyshootingSuzi
Nov. 21, 2018The Youth of EglingtonBlack UhuruUnclebenshootingSuzi
Nov. 21, 2018Shotgun ShackCherry, NenehseverinshootingSuzi
Nov. 21, 2018The GunWatt, BenmegadomshootingSuzi
Nov. 21, 2018John the GunDenny, SandytreefrogdemonshootingSuzi
Nov. 21, 2018Desert StrikeQadiri, Fatima alDiscoMonstershootingSuzi
Nov. 28, 2018The Train and the RiverJimmy Giuffre TrioAbahachitriosNilpferd
Nov. 28, 2018My Blue TearsRonstadt, Linda, Dolly Parton and Emmylou HarrisSuzitriosNilpferd
Nov. 28, 2018Guajira Ven a GozarTrio MatamorospejepeinetriosNilpferd
Nov. 28, 2018YazdahTrio ChemiranimagicmantriosNilpferd
Nov. 28, 2018BardoGoGo PenguinDiscoMonstertriosNilpferd
Nov. 28, 2018Everyone ElseLondon GrammarLeaveitallbehingtriosNilpferd
Nov. 28, 2018Emergency!Tony Williams LifetimeBanazirGalbasitriosNilpferd
Nov. 28, 2018Waltz for DebbyBill Evans TrionosuchzonetriosNilpferd
Nov. 28, 2018Walking on the MoonPoliceFretlessBassertriosNilpferd
Nov. 28, 2018Can't Cheat KarmaZoundsCarpgatetriosNilpferd
Nov. 28, 2018JumpersSleater-KinneyUnclebentriosNilpferd
Nov. 28, 2018Fantasia SuiteDi Meola, Al, John McLaughlin & Paco De LuciaChris7572triosNilpferd
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