Songs About Wolves

Sept. 22, 2021
Writer: Stephen Males (severin)

A List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1All Babes Are WolvesSpinnerettevanwolf2
2Dem a WolfYabby YouNicko
3Loup GarouClarence "Gatemouth" BrownTarquinSpodd
4WolfFirst Aid KitVikingChild
5Otona No OokamiKokiaajostu
6Mama Said (K-Klassic Mix)Carleen AndersonNilpferd
7The Wolf Is at Your DoorHowlin' Wolfamylee
8UlvetidKvelertakTraktor Albatrost
9The Wolf Catie CurtisFred Erickson
10Attenti al Lupo (Beware of the Wolf)Lucio Dallaswawilg
11Vargtimmen (Hour of the Wolf)HedningarnaTraktor Albatrost

B List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1Wolves and LeopardsDennis BrownUncleben
2I Was a Teenage WerewolfThe CrampsTarquinSpodd
3Up the WolvesThe Mountain GoatsShoegazer
4The Howlin' WolfLightnin' HopkinsNicko
5Wolves Maggie RogersFred Erickson
6Mother WolfMarianne FaithfullSeth Miller
7Will the Wolf Survive?Los Lobosamylee
8Red Riding Hood's Wolf (Miku)Kikuoajostu
9Me and Mr Wolf (Dr. Cat Remix)The Real Tuesday WeldShoegazer
10Wolf in Sheep's ClothingJohnny WinterAltraEgo
11Wolf in Sheep's ClothingBig YouthNicko
12Werewolves of LondonWarren ZevonOliveButler
13Wolf TotemThe HUNicko
14Dire WolfGrateful DeadChris7572
15DingoGary ShearstonAlaricmc
16Little Red Riding HoodSam the Sham & the PharaohsOliveButler
17A Pack of WolvesBlack Eyeshappyclapper
18What Would Wolves Do?Les Savy FavShoegazer
19Dem a WolfSteel PulseNicko
20Hungry Like the WolfDuran DuranOliveButler

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