Songs About Stereotypes

July 21, 2021
Writer: Loud Atlas

A List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1The RockerThin Lizzyphilipphilip99
2I Enjoy Being a GirlPeggy Leeseverin
3StereotypeThe SpecialsNicko
5Free Your MindEn Vogueswawilg
6Girl in a Country TownMaddie & TaeSweetHomeAlabama
7One Size Never FitsMatt Andersentincanman
8Y Viva EspaƱaSylvia Vrethammarpejepeine
9Black, Brown and WhiteBig Bill BroonzyNicko
10Ladies of the CanyonJoni Mitchellamylee
11The Ascent of StanBen FoldsFred Erickson
12ReunionBobbie GentryParaMhor
13Nowhere ManThe Beatlesseverin

B List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1Open Sesame Part 1Kool & the Gangpejepeine
2A Song of Patriotic PrejudiceFlanders and Swannseverin
3Message from a Black ManThe WhatnautsSweetHomeAlabama
5The Ballad of Ira HayesJohnny CashSweetHomeAlabama
6Lumberjack SongMonty PythonUncleben
7Typical MaleConsolidatedNicko
8If You're Not White, You're BlackLord KitchenerNicko
9Not Racist, Just BaldSeptic PsychosCarpgate
10Saturday's KidsThe JamShivSidecar
11Gin and JuiceThe Gourdshappyclapper
12Hong Kong GardenSiouxsie and the Bansheespejepeine
13National Brotherhood WeekTom LehrerSuzi

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