Songs About Sitting and Standing

Nov. 29, 2017
Writer: Jocelyn Rose (treefrogdemon)
At: The Song Bar

A List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1Wish I Was in Heaven Sitting DownR.L. Burnsidemegadom
2Standing at the Sky's EdgeRichard HawleyToffeeBoy
3Sit Down and CryElla WashingtonTempusfugit
4Stood UpJames Reynedeanofromoz
5Don't Sit on My Jimmy ShandsRichard Thompsonmegadom
6Soho SquareKirsty MacCollShivSidecar
7From the Bench at BelvidereThe Boo RadleysShivSidecar
8Sittin' in the BalconyEddie CochranParaMhor
9Will the Real Geraldine Please Stand Up and Be CountedScruggShivSidecar
10Stand Up ComicRay DaviesSuzi
11Stand Up for JudasDick Gaughanamylee
12Sit Down, You're Rockin' the BoatStubby KayeSuzi

B List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1Woman in a CarJackie LevenTatankaYotanka
2Baby SeatBarenaked Ladiesphilipphilip99
3Sitting in a Hotel RoomEric BibbMakinavaja
4Sit Thee DownThe Oldham Tinkersseverin
5Outside Your DoorMeshell Ndegeocellonosuchzone
6On the SlyMischief BrewEnglishOutlaw
7In Two MindsArt Bearsnosuchzone
8Take a StandThe TemplarsCarpgate
9Standing StonesLoreena McKennittphilipphilip99
10I'll Stand by YouThe Pretendersattwilightlarks
11Estoy Sentado AquiLos LobosMakinavaja
12Dead Man Sitting on a TrainThe Bevis FrondTatankaYotanka
13Sit Right DownToots and the MaytalsBeltway Bandit
14Blue ChairElvis Costelloseverin
15Sitting on Top of the WorldMississippi SheiksUncleben

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