Songs About Judges and Trials

Oct. 27, 2022
Writer: Nicko

A List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1Good Morning JudgeWynonie Harrisseverin
2On a MondayLead BellyTarquinSpodd
3Bind the King in ChainsBlyth PowerShivSidecar
4Oswald Defence LawyerThe Fallhappyclapper
5Eight Men, Four WomenO.V. WrightFred Erickson
6Judge, Jury and ExecutionerAtoms for Peaceswawilg
8You Can Leave, But It's Going to Cost YouMarvin Gayepejepeine
9Judge Harsh BluesFurry LewisTarquinSpodd
10Better Get a LawyerThe Cruel Seaajostu
11Little SadieCrooked StillLoud Atlas
12Please JudgeRoky EricksonTarquinSpodd
13Seven CursesJune Tabor & OysterbandSuzi
14Two Good Men (Sacco & Vanzetti)Woody Guthrietincanman
15Tougher Than Tough (Rudie in Court)Derrick MorganGeorge Boyland
16Battering Down SentenceBunny WailerUncleben

B List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1Here Comes the JudgePigmeat MarkhamGeorge Boyland
2Public JesteringJudge Winchester (AKA Winston Blake)IsabelleForshaw
3Here Comes the JudgePeter ToshSongBarLandlord
4The CourtroomThe Last PoetsFred Erickson
5The Court RoomClarence CarterFred Erickson
6Electric GuitarTalking HeadsShivSidecar
7Lover's CrimeThe Fabulous ThunderbirdsWilliamsbach
8Prisoner of LoveRobin Trowerseverin
9Cry Mercy, JudgeTom VerlaineShivSidecar
10The TrialDead Can Dancevanwolf2
11& JuryColin NewmanCarpgate
12Rotting on RemandBilly BraggMarconius7
13The Judge and Margaret BradyJules ShearBanazirGalbasi
14Diamond BellThe Felice BrothersSeth Miller
15Percy's SongBob DylanShoegazer
16JusticiaLila DownsMaki
17Le Condamné (Quand Ils M'ont Jugé)Gilbert Bécaudswawilg
18The Judge's SongJohn ReedLoud Atlas

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