Songs About Indecision

Mar. 8, 2023
Writer: Olive Butler

A List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1Tentative DecisionsTalking HeadsLoud Atlas
2I Can’t ExplainThe WhoShivSidecar
3Move OverJanis JoplinFred Erickson
4What Do I Do Now?Elvis CostelloNoodsy
5You Could Not DecideFrench Kicksvanwolf2
6I Don’t Know Where I StandJoni MitchellSuzi
7UndecidedChick Webb & His Orchestra with Ella FitzgeraldBanazirGalbasi
8Tu Veux ou Tu Veux PasMarcel Zaniniswawilg
9Feels Like We Only Go BackwardsTame ImpalaNicko
10Make Up Your MindThe HeptonesUncleben
11IndecisiónLa Sonora Matanceramagicman
12I Just Don’t Know What to Do with MyselfDionne Warwickmagicman

B List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1The Moebius LoopPeter HammillTatankaYotanka
2RiptideAl Bowllyuntergunther
3Undecided BluesTony BennettPop Off!
4Mind-Blowing DecisionsHeatwaveNicko
5Too Late NowWet Leghappyclapper
6I Can't Make Up My MindThe ZombiesGeorge Boyland
7Sittin’ On a FenceThe Rolling Stonesamylee
8Did You Ever Have to Make Up Your Mind?The Lovin’ SpoonfulSweetHomeAlabama
9Black Is BlackLos BravosIsabelleForshaw
10Year of DecisionThe Three DegreesMarconius7
11How Can I Be Sure?The Young RascalsParaMhor
12OversSimon & Garfunkelbarbryn

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