Songs About Spring Cleaning & Household Chores

April 15, 2020
Writer: DJ Bear

A List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1Boundless LoveJohn Prinehappyclapper
2It All Comes Out in the WashMiranda LambertRavi Raman
3Clean Up Your Own BackyardElvis PresleyNicko
4Washday BluesDolly Partonseverin
5Wash, Mama, WashDr. JohnRavi Raman
6Clothes Line SagaSuzzy & Maggie Rocheseverin
7Hard WorkJohn Handy9hairs9knots
8Shake 'n' VacSnuffhappyclapper
9Jump Mama JumpPoison GirlsCarpgate
10Official Suburbian SupermanSuzi QuatroShivSidecar
11Cleanup TimeJohn Lennonmagicman
12Clean This HousePaul Kelly & the DotsNicko
13The Day My Pad Went MadJohn Cooper ClarkeIsabelleForshaw
15DietAu Pairssonofwebcore
16Tortoise Brand Pot CleanerShonen KnifeTarquinSpodd
17HouseworkThe B-52smegadom
18HouseworkRobert Palmerajostu
19Spring CleaningJohn McCutcheonBanazirGalbasi
20Yard BroomThe SkatalitesMogdog
21FingerPrince BusterIsabelleForshaw
22Spring CleaningFats Wallerseverin

B List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1Leave the Dishes in the Sink, MaSpike Jones & his City SlickersParaMhor
2Ger a New Broom (And Sweep the Blues Away)Duke Ellington & Ivy AndersonMarconius7
3We're Going to Hang Out the Washing on the Siegfried LineSidney Lipton & his Grosvenor House Dance BandTraktor Albatrost
4When I'm Cleaning WindowsGeorge FormbyTarquinSpodd
5Whistle While You WorkAdriana Caselottitubby Brewster
6Trip to the LaundryCock 'n' Bulltreefrogdemon
7No Go BabyThe Corrsphilipphilip99
8Housewife's AlphabetPeggy SeegerNicko
9I'm a WomanMaria MuldaurTatankaYotanka
10Cleaning WindowsVan Morrison & the ChieftainsTarquinSpodd
11Do the Dishes TooJayme Kelly CurtisBanazirGalbasi
12Jack of All TradesBruce SpringsteenLeaveitallbehind
13Shake Rattle and RollBill Haley & his CometsTarquinSpodd
14Yakety YakThe CoastersBanazirGalbasi
15House CleaningThe SpanielsNicko
16Sweeping Your Dirt Under the RugSammy JonesNicko
17Funkier Than a Mosquito's TweeterIke & Tina TurnerIsabelleForshaw
18Clean-Up WomanBetty Wright9hairs9knots
19Dirty ManLaura LeeNicko
20Too Many Dirty DishesAlbert CollinsRavi Raman
21Old BroomThe Wailing SoulsNicko
22Clean Up the GhettoTapper ZukieUncleben
23Clean Up the GhettoPhiladelphia All Starsmagicman

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