Songs About Hollywood

Apr. 22, 2020
Writer: philipphilip99

A List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1HollywoodErykah Baduswawilg
2HollywoodGuy Clarktreefrogdemon
3Hollywood HopefulLoudon Wainwright IIImegadom
4Little Hollywood GirlThe Everly Brotherstreefrogdemon
5HollywoodLana Del Reymegadom
6HollywoodBrigitte FontainePop Off!
7Hollywood NightsBob Seger & the Silver Bullet BandSuzi
8Red DustScreen 3ShivSidecar
9Sunset BoulevardTerry CallierNicko
10Hollywood LawnJenny LewisTarquinSpodd
11HollywoodCodeine Velvet ClubLeaveitallbehind
12Say Goodbye to HollywoodBilly JoelMarconius7

B List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1Semi-Fraudulent Direct-from-Hollywood OvertureFrank Zappasonofwebcore
2Hollywood DreamingFather's ChildrenNicko
3Sunset GrillDon HenleyIsabelleForshaw
4Hollywood DreamingThe Puppini SistersPop Off!
5Hollywood SevenJon EnglishIsabelleForshaw
6Hollywood (Down on Your Luck)Thin Lizzymegadom
7Mary C. Brown and the Hollywood SignDory Previnbarbryn
8Holly WouldJackie DeShannonShivSidecar
9Ain't Nobody Straight in L.A.The Miraclesmagicman
10Dedicated to Bobby JamesonAriel PinkUncleben
11Hollywood Forever Cemetery SingsFather John Mistymegadom
12Hollywood EndingSleater-Kinneymegadom

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