Songs About the Devil

Oct. 31, 2018
Writer: Leaveitallbehind
At: The Song Bar

A List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1Dance with the DevilCozy Powellmegadom
2Devil Is FineZeal & ArdorShoegazer
3Runnin' with the DevilVan Halenphilipphilip99
4Devil InsideINXSAltraEgo
5Devil ManBlue PillsFretlessBasser
6The Devil Takes Care of His OwnBand of SkullsUncleben
7Shake It OutFlorence and the MachineEnglishOutlaw
8My Mother and the DevilAustin Lucastincanman
9The Devil's DaughterBuddy GuySeth Miller
10Devils HaircutBeckGreatGrendel
11Where the Devil Don't StayDrive-By TruckersTempusfugit
12Spanish TrainChris de BurghMarconius7

B List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1Have You Ever Danced with the Devil Under the Pale MoonlightDeepsetRavi Raman
2The Number of the BeastIron Maidenuneasy listening
3Devil's BackboneThe Civil Warsattwilightlarks
4MephistophelesWayne ShorterAbahachi
5The Devil Went Down to GeorgiaCharlie Daniels BandSuzi
6Titties & BeerFrank ZappaBanazirGalbasi

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