Songs About Deceptive Appearances

May 22, 2019
Writer: Suzanne Saxby (Suzi)

A List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1Looks Are DeceivingMacka BNicko
2The PartyPhil Ochsflorian7
3False Friend BluesRuth BrownRavi Raman
4Setting Yourself UpColin BlunstoneTatankaYotanka
5Skin DeepThe StranglersShoegazer
6False FacesSouthern Death Cultvanwolf2
7Don't Let It ShowThe Alan Parsons Projectflorian7
8PontiacLyle Lovettswawilg
9Disguised As Someone ElseJoe Pugtincanman
10Doctor JamesGilmore & RobertsRavi Raman
11The Dictator DecidesPet Shop Boysflorian7
12World Leader PretendR.E.M.Seth Miller
13The Devil and the Feathery WifeMartin Carthyseverin

B List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1Famous Flower of Serving MenMartin Carthytreefrogdemon
2IsisBob DylanParaMhor
3SubstituteThe WhoShivSidecar
4Where Do You Go To My Lovely?Peter SarstedtLeaveitallbehind
5Richie StoryShirley and Dolly Collinstreefrogdemon
6Burlington Bertie from BowElla ShieldsTarquinSpodd
7Yeah! Oh Yeah!The Magnetic FieldsParaMhor
8I Found That Essence RareGang of FourCarpgate
9More Than Meets the EyeThe BanglesAbahachi
10The ImposterElvis Costellomagicman
11Mr. CoolKevin Ayersmegadom
12That Fierce Cow Is Common Sense in a Country DressSlim Cessna's Auto Clubhappyclapper
13Brilliant DisguiseBruce Springsteenpwgb

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