Songs About the Brain

Apr. 8, 2020
Writer: Marco den Ouden (Marconius7)

A List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1The Brain SongWeird Al YankovicFretlessBasser
2Inside My HeadYoung MCIsabelleForshaw
3Language and MentalityAfrican Head ChargeUncleben
4Me the MachineImogen Heapmegadom
5Veteran of the Psychic WarsBlue Öyster CultUncleben
6Can I Sleep in Your BrainEzra Furmanmegadom
7The Abandoned BrainRobyn Hitchcockmegadom
8Hots for the SmartsRichard ThompsonSuzi
9This Is Your BrainJoe DiffieRavi Raman
10Love on the BrainRihannaseverin
11Make Love to Your MindBill Withers9hairs9knots
12Madness (Is All in the Mind)Madnessmagicman

B List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1Journey to the Center of the MindThe Amboy DukesSweetHomeAlabama
2Brain DamageThe Waifstreefrogdemon
3It Must Be Something PsychologicalKatie Leephilipphilip99
4Always on My MindWillie Nelsonmagicman
5In Your HeadGabby Young and Other Animalsseverin
6Think Too Much (a)Paul Simonswawilg
7Einstein BrainAdmiral Freebeeswawilg
8When the Sun Goes InPhilip JeaysTatankaYotanka
9Weak Brain and a Narrow MindWillie DixonNicko
10T.N.T. for the BrainEnigmaPop Off!
11Hjernen er AlenedeLillosTraktor Albatrost
12Grey WallsRichard Thompsontreefrogdemon
13Brain DamageEminemmegadom
14Baby DollLaurie AndersonIsabelleForshaw
15The River (from The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat)Matthew TrevinoUncleben
16VeronicaElvis CostelloShoegazer
17Booker T. & his Electric ShockMarkley A GroupTarquinSpodd
18Don't Look Back in AngerOasisParaMhor
19Who Ate My BrainTizzy BacTarquinSpodd
21Too Many Thoughts in My HeadWeezerRavi Raman
22Bet My BrainsStarcrawlerPop Off!

Bonus C List (Instrumentals)

 TitleArtist Nominated by
1Memories of GreenVangelisphilipphilip99
2Brain Food (Give Me)Burning Spearmegadom
3Brain Smashing DubLinton Kwesi Johnsonmagicman
4BrainvilleSun Rapejepeine
5The Brain of the Purple MountainLeo Kottketreefrogdemon
6Brain SweetiesMogwaimegadom
7Brain TrainingStanley Clarke TrioRavi Raman
8Mind EcologyShaktiRavi Raman
9Positive MindscapeRenegade SoundwaveShoegazer
10AmygdalaHenry Cowmegadom
11The Brain Chick CoreaBanazirGalbasi
12Mind TransplantAlphonse MouzonBanazirGalbasi
13Vulcan Mind ProbeGeorge DukeBanazirGalbasi
14The Mental TravelerDavid Axelrodmegadom

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