Songs About Babies

Oct. 14, 2020
Writer: George Boyland (sonofwebcore)

A List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1EmbryoPink Floydseverin
2Belly Button WindowJimi HendrixNilpferd
3It's a BoyThe Whoswawilg
4First BornKate & Anna McGarrigleSkippyisaCult
5Babies Makin' BabiesSly and the Family Stoneseverin
6Bottle to the BabyCharlie FeathersTarquinSpodd
7Mama's Baby, Daddy's MaybeSwamp DoggUncleben
8God Bless the ChildJudy HenskeTempusfugit
9To ZionLauryn HillOliveButler
10The Hardest Button to ButtonThe White Stripesamylee
11Cotton FieldsLead BellyIsabelleForshaw
12KidThe Pretenders9hairs9knots
13Dream Within a DreamSpiritShivSidecar

B List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1Morning DewGrateful DeadChris7572
2Not Yet ThreeJonathan Richman & the Modern LoversTarquinSpodd
3WonderNatalie Merchantamylee
4Mother's LamentCreamTarquinSpodd
5The MotherBrandi CarlileLoud Atlas
6Like a BabyPeter Blegvadmegadom
7Pitch the BabyCocteau Twinsmegadom
8Go to Sleep You Little BabyEmmylou Harris, Gillian Welch & Alison KraussPop Off!
9Moon on Your PajamasPaul WellerShivSidecar
10The Spotlight KidCaptain BeefheartNicko
11Guardian of the UniverseFreemegadom
12Baby SitsIvor Cutlermegadom
13The Unborn ByronSlapp Happymegadom
14The Baby's Done a PooNick CopeNoodsy

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