Songs About Authenticity and Fakery

Sept. 12, 2018
Writer: Uncleben
At: The Song Bar

A List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1Suburban HomeboySparksOliveButler
2You Fake It / You Make ItAngelicaTarquinSpodd
3WWPRDJeffrey Lewis & the Rainbarbryn
4Olde Tyme Mem'ryMischief BrewEnglishOutlaw
5Doll PartsHoleamylee
6Wolf in Sheep's ClothingBig Youthseverin
7Slapped ActressThe Hold SteadyShoegazer
8Myself When I Am RealCharlie Mingusmagicman
9I Don't MindBuzzcocksvanwolf2
10Nobody CaresSuperorganismMussoliniHeadkick
11The Man Who Called Himself JesusStrawbsattwilightlarks
12The Ballad of El GoodoBig StarParaMhor
13The Real ThingRussell MorrisNicko

B List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1Whatcha See Is Whatcha GetThe DramaticsSweetHomeAlabama
2Fake Tales of San FranciscoArctic Monkeysphilipphilip99
3All I Want Is YouRoxy Musicmegadom
4That's Right, You're Not From TexasLyle Lovetttreefrogdemon
5Casablanca MoonSlapp Happynosuchzone
6Living in Real TimeThe Bevis FrondTatankaYotanka
7Mine Was RealRozetta Johnsonattwilightlarks
8Celebrity InterviewThe Jigsaw SeenShivSidecar
9Forging Plastic PainEric Matthewsmagicman
10To SheilaSmashing PumpkinsSkydog7
11No Thing on Me (Cocaine Song)Curtis MayfieldSeth Miller
12Can't Fake the FeelingGeraldine HuntNicko
13True SkoolColdcut ft Roots ManuvaMussoliniHeadkick

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