Songs About Natural Disasters

Sept. 20, 2017
Writer: ParaMhor
At: The Song Bar

A List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1The Last Days of PompeiiNova MobDiscoMonster
2Eve's VolcanoCope, Julianbishbosh
3All Going Out TogetherBig Dipperuneasy listening
4LandslideClarke, Tonyattwilightlarks
5The New PollutionBeckamylee
6MonsoonAnd You Will Know Us By the Trail of Deadhappyclapper
7Katrina Klap/Dollar DayMos DefBeltway Bandit
8We Got Back the PlagueFiery Furnacesmegadom
9Pressure DropToots and the Maytalsamylee
10StormbringerMartyn, John and BeverlySidecarShiv
11Here Comes the FloodFripp, Robert and Peter Gabrielnosuchzone
12Rain Falls Unceasingly on the SeaKluge, Kathryn & Kim AllenJake Leonard
13Riders on the StormDoorsLeaveitallbehind

B List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1Forest FireLloyd Cole and the EmotionsUncleben
2When It Blows It StacksCaptain Beefheartnosuchzone
3Flood WaterEric Bibbdeanofromoz
4Louisiana 1927Randy NewmanTatankaYotanka
5Henry Russell's Last WordsDiana Jonestreefrogdemon
6Hurricane SeasonTom Russell Bandtincanman
7Eye of the StormSRCBeltway Bandit
8The WavesVillagersToffeeBoy
9Hurricane MarilynHonolulu Mountain Daffodilsseverin
10New Ice AgeThe Horrorsvanwolf2
11ThunderImagine Dragonsoutoftheblue
12TunguskaCris T-T & the HoodratsFunkbrother69
13Here Comes SunshineThe Grateful DeadChris7572

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Songs About Bones

Sept. 13, 2017
Writer: leaveitallbehind
At: The Song Bar

A List

NumberTitle ArtistRecommended By
1Danse MacabreSaint-Saens, CamilleBeltway Bandit
2Bad to the BoneThorogood, George and the DestroyersSweetHomeAlabama
3Skin & BonesFoo FightersRavi Raman
4BonesEditorsBeltway Bandit
5Bag of BonesClark, Guytreefrogdemon
7Bones of RibbonLondon Grammarphilipphilip99
8Our SkullsWasif, ImaadBethnoir
9Backyard SkullsFrightened RabbitToffeeBoy
10BoneyardCleary, JonRavi Raman
11Dig Up Her BonesGraves, MichaleEnglishOutlaw
12Grind My BonesBlack Rebel Motorcycle Clubnosuchzone
13Skeletal RemainsBohren and der Club of GoreBeltway Bandit

B List

NumberTitleArtistRecommended By
1Ribs and All/Carrot Pod PodLed Zeppelinmegadom
2Rag and BoneThe White Stripesamylee
3Make No Bones About ItCloudsnosuchzone
4Boogie in My BonesLaurel Aitkenmegadom
5Shaking the BoneBreedhappyclapper
6Shakin' All OverJohnny Kidd & the Piratesattilightlarks
7BonesThe KillersEnglishOutlaw
8Bones of SaintsRobert PlantUncleben
9SkeletonsThe Soundseverin
10Portobello ManThe Bevis FrondSidecarShiv
11Tom Paine BonesThe Young 'UnsSuzi
12The Bees Made Honey in the Lion's SkullEarthDarceysDad

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Songs With Whistling

Sept. 6, 2017
Writer: SweetHomeAlabama
At: The Song Bar

A List

 SongArtistRecommended By
1Ain't Gwine to Whistle DixieTaj MahalRavi Raman
2The Story of My LifeMichael HollidayBeltwayBandit
3Simple GirlDale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.Uncleben
4Aguas de MarcoElis Regina and Tom Jobimmagicman
6Mr. Slater's ParrotBonzo Doo-Dah BandTatankaYotanka
7Goodbye StrangerSupertrampAltraEgo
8Singing the BluesGuy MitchellSuzi
9A Fistful of DollarsEnnio Morriconemegadom
10Golden YearsDavid BowieParaMhor
11The WalkerFitz and the Tantrumsoutoftheblue
12Always Look on the Bright SideEric Idle (Monty Python)happyclapper

B List

 Song ArtistRecommended By
1SukiyakiKyu SakamotoMarconius7
2El Pito (I'll Never Go Back)Joe CubaBeltwayBandit
3Sweet Georgia BrownBrother Bonesmegadom
4The Continuing Story of Bungalow BillThe BeatlesSidecarShiv
5PatienceGuns 'n' RosesEnglishOutlaw
6I Was Kaiser Bill's BatmanWhistling Jack Smithattwilightlarks
7Michael (Row the Boat Ashore)The HighwaymenRavi Raman
8Winchester CathedralNew Vaudeville BandLeaveitallbehind
9Here Comes My BabyThe TremeloesParaMhor
10Bird SongLene LovichSidecarShiv
11Generals and MajorsXTCuneasy listening
12Arabesque No. 1Isao Tomita9hairs9knots

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