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12″ singles and remixes to 1979adversityalbum endingsalternative outcomesambiguityanonymityartistic trends of the 21st centuryAsian citiesasking, begging or pleadingauthenticity and fakery

♦ bags and containersbanks and bankingbeing lostbiography & autobiographybirdsongBirmingham and the Black Countrybonesbread and bakingbread, cakes, pastry & biscuitsbrevitybright songs with dark topics

cavescharismaclocks and watchescloudscocktails and strong liquorcollecting and listsCommonwealthcompass pointscompromiseconfidenceconspiraciescrisis

♦ daresdeceptive appearancesdesertsdeterminationdevil

♦ educationelectricityelectronic music to 1983empathyEnglandentrance songsequality ♦  

♦ fairnessfamilyfamous or notable animalsfathers and daughtersfixing, repairing & solvingfootwearfortune tellersfour-legged livestockfractions

genre defyinggirl groupsgreat backing vocalsgreat drumminggreat solo performancesguitars

hangingharmonicaharp, lyre or zitherhitchhikinghonorific titles

idiomsimmortality & longevityimpressive videosindirect messagesindustry & manufacturinginfluenced by gospelinfluenced by reggae, ska & rocksteadyinnocenceinspired by Indiainversions

joints of the body

key changes, notablekings

ladders, stairs and elevatorslonelinesslong distance relationshipslost and found ♦ 

♦ marijuanamisleading or incongruous titlesmixtape endersmixtape openersmonths of the yearmusic venuesmythical beasts

natural disastersNew OrleansNew York Citynon-alcoholic drinksnursing and healthcare

♦ obsessionobsolete thingsoddballs, outcasts and outsidersold and newonomatopoeiaorange

paradesParispersistencepersonificationphotos and photographyplasticPlatonic lovepragmatismprideprovocative titlespuppets

♦ redemptionrendezvousreunionsroad trips ♦

♦ sales, selling & bargainssecret admirersSeptember and Octobershootingsilver and other non-ferrous metalssitting and standingslowing downsnow and icesongs from 1900-1955songs that made you fall in love with musicsongs that sound like other songsSpainspidersspinningstalking, following & chasingstarts with a chorusstayingstormssubstitutionssudden changessuicide

♦ taboostattoos and piercingstime traveltreestrios

♦ underwater songsunlikely collaborationsunlikely wordsunusual narratorsurban wildlife

♦ violinvolume

♦ waking upwalkingwhistlingwhitewindowswitches and witchcraftwordless vocalswords of wisdomworst songswriting

youthfulness ♦