A-Z by Song 2021

Here are the songs making the A List in 202. To sort alphabetically, click on the up-down symbol beside a column title.

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NumberDateTitle ArtistRecommended ByTopicGuru
1Jan. 6, 2021Road to NowhereTalking HeadsOliveButlerSpirit of 2021DJ Bear
2Jan. 6, 2021Roll With ItWinwood, SteveIsabelleForshawSpirit of 2021DJ Bear
3Jan. 6, 2021Don't StopFleetwood MacLoud AtlasSpirit of 2021DJ Bear
4Jan. 6, 2021The Dog Days Are OverFlorence & the MachineLoud AtlasSpirit of 2021DJ Bear
5Jan. 6, 2021Future Love ParadiseSealMakinavajaSpirit of 2021DJ Bear
6Jan. 6, 2021When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get GoingOcean, BillyIsabelleForshawSpirit of 2021DJ Bear
7Jan. 6, 2021Forward MarchMorgan, DerrickmegadomSpirit of 2021DJ Bear
8Jan. 6, 2021Let's Push Things ForwardStreetsUnclebenSpirit of 2021DJ Bear
9Jan. 6, 2021Things Can Only Get BetterD:ReamLoud AtlasSpirit of 2021DJ Bear
10Jan. 6, 2021Be Thankful for What You GotDeVaughn, WilliammagicmanSpirit of 2021DJ Bear
11Jan. 6, 2021Get The Party StartedP!nkIsabelleForshawSpirit of 2021DJ Bear
12Jan. 6, 2021Party HardAndrew W.K.LeaveitallbehindSpirit of 2021DJ Bear
13Jan. 6, 2021Stiff Upper LipAC/DCIsabelleForshawSpirit of 2021DJ Bear
14Jan. 6, 2021KickINXSIsabelleForshawSpirit of 2021DJ Bear
15Jan. 6, 2021I'm Still StandingJohn, EltonseverinSpirit of 2021DJ Bear
16Jan. 6, 2021When the World is Running Down, You Make the Best of What's Still AroundPoliceamyleeSpirit of 2021DJ Bear
17Jan. 6, 2021You'll Get ByShow of HandsSuziSpirit of 2021DJ Bear
18Jan. 6, 2021Lay My Burden DownDr. John & Mavis Staples & the Dirty Dozen Brass BandSeth MillerSpirit of 2021DJ Bear
19Jan. 6, 2021There Must Be a Better WayFriday, Saturday & SundayMussoliniHeadkickSpirit of 2021DJ Bear
20Jan. 6, 2021Let There Be LoveCole, Nat KingOliveButlerSpirit of 2021DJ Bear
1Jan. 13, 2021Prologue (This is an Orchestra)Kenton, Stanphilipphilip99meta-songsUncleben
2Jan. 13, 2021Inside OutOdysseypejepeinemeta-songsUncleben
3Jan. 13, 2021A Song for YouHathaway, Donnyamyleemeta-songsUncleben
4Jan. 13, 2021Suffice to SayYachtsShivSidecarmeta-songsUncleben
5Jan. 13, 2021This is Not a SongFrank and Waltersbarbrynmeta-songsUncleben
6Jan. 13, 2021One Note SambaNew Stan Getz Quartet with Astrud GilbertoSeth Millermeta-songsUncleben
7Jan. 13, 2021Very Very SimpleCarla Bley Bandmegadommeta-songsUncleben
8Jan. 13, 2021Bad GuyEilish, Billiemagicmanmeta-songsUncleben
9Jan. 13, 2021Roxy GirlsYummy FurMax Visconta Nucleroseameta-songsUncleben
10Jan. 13, 2021Five YearsBowie, Davidmegadommeta-songsUncleben
11Jan. 13, 2021This is Just a Modern Rock SongBelle and Sebastianbarbrynmeta-songsUncleben
12Jan. 13, 2021Pilgrim's ProgressProcul Harumseverinmeta-songsUncleben