The Who

Song Title Topic
1 Anyway Anyhow Anywhere discordant songs
2 Baba O’Riley teenagers
3 Bargain sales, selling & bargains
4 However Much I Booze failure
5 I Can See For Miles estimates of distance and time
6 I’m a Boy the obvious
7 I’m One wanting to be someone else
8 (as the High Numbers) I’m The Face I Am Songs
9 It’s Not True deception
10 Long Live Rock concerts
11 Magic Bus buses
12 My Generation adolescence
13 Now I’m a Farmer farming
14 Pictures of Lily unrequited love
15 Pinball Wizard overturning the odds
16 The Real Me doctors
17 Run Run Run running
18 The Seeker the truth
19 The Seeker hunting
20 Won’t Get Fooled Again change