The Clash

Song Title Topic
1 The Call Up forgotten follow-ups
2 The Card Cheat gambling
3 Career Opportunities social class
4 Complete Control greed
5 Garageland zeitgeist
6 I Fought the Law crime
7 I’m So Bored with the U.S.A. America
8 Julie’s Been Working for the Drug Squad girls’ names
9 Know Your Rights ironic songs
10 Lost in the Supermarket being lost
11 The Right Profile bright songs with dark topics
12 Rock the Casbah honorific titles
13 Rudie Can’t Fail incidental music
14 Should I Stay or Should I Go limbo
15 The Sound of the Sinners sinners
16 Stay Free friendship
17 Straight to Hell exile
18 Train in Vain hidden tracks
19 (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais concerts
20 White Riot change
21 Wrong ’Em Boyo cheating