Scott Walker

Song Title Topic
1 Amsterdam places in Europe
2 Butterfly insects
3 Clara unsettling songs
4 The Cockfighter scary songs
5 Hero of the War hero worship
6 Herod 2014 (with Sunn O)))) deep voices
7 It’s Raining Today rain
8 Jackie ambition
9 Jesse strange and surreal
10 Little Things (That Keep Us Together) doom
11 Montague Terrace (in Blue) neighbours
12 Mrs. Murphy Mr. and Mrs.
13 My Death death
14 The Old Man’s Back Again (Dedicated
to the Neo-Stalinist Regime)
15 See You Don’t Bump His Head musically adventurous
16 The Seventh Seal inspired by or about films
17 Sons Of youthfulness
18 Time Operator clocks and watches