Richard Thompson

Song Title Topic
1 1952 Vincent Black Lightning motorbikes
2 Al Bowlly’s in Heaven limbo
3 Alexander Graham Bell telephones
4 Beeswing itinerants and migration
5 The Calvary Cross (with Linda Thompson) Jesus
6 From Galway to Graceland kings
7 Hand of Kindness kindness
8 Has He Got a Friend for Me? (with Linda Thompson asking, begging or pleading
9 I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight (with Linda Thompson) Friday and Saturday
10 I’ll Regret It in the Morning (with Linda Thompson) whisky
11 Killing Jar unsettling songs
12 Little Blue Number pirates
13 Mingulay Boat Song islands
14 Oh I Swear with or without you songs
15 One More Breath breathing
16 Shoot Out the Lights (with Linda Thompson) shooting
17 The Sun Never Shines on the Poor (with Linda Thompson) poverty
18 Two Left Feet two – part 2
19 Wall of Death carnivals and funfairs
20 Woods of Darney substitutions
21 Don’t Sit on My Jimmy Shands sitting and standing