Neil Young

Song Title Topic
1 A Rock Star Bucks a Coffee Shop farming
2 After the Gold Rush dreams
3 Cinnamon Girl hair
4 Cortez the Killer historical figures
5 Crime in the City (Sixty to Zero, Pt 1) law enforcement
6 He Was the King Elvis
7 Home on the Range American west
8 (with Crazy Horse) Like a Hurricane super solos
9 Lookin’ for a Leader leadership
10 My My, Hey Hey (Out of the Blue) immortality & longevity
11 The Needle and the Damage Done cocaine & heroin
12 (with Crosby, Stills & Nash) Ohio protest
13 Old King pets
14 Old Man old age
15 Out On the Weekend the weekend
16 Revolution Blues California
17 Rockin’ in the Free World reckless consumption
18 Roll Another Number (for the Road) smoking
19 Safeway Cart companies & corporations
20 Sample and Hold substitutions
21 Sugar Mountain fictional places
22 Unknown Legend motorbikes