Louis Armstrong

Song TitleTopic
Basin Street Bluesroads and street
The Beat Generationfads and crazes
Do You Know What It Means to Miss New OrleansUS cities and states
Go Down Mosesprophets & prophecy
Jeepers Creepersasking, begging or pleading
Moonlight in Vermont (with Ella Fitzgerald)New England
Muskrat Ramble (with his Hot Five)rodents
On the Sunny Side of the Streethope and resilience
Potato Head Bluesvegetables
Shadrack, Meshach and Abednegosurvival
St. James Infirmary Blueshospitals
St. Louis Bluessaints and martyrs
Swing Low Sweet Chariotspiritual songs
They All Laughed (with Ella Fitzgerald)laughter
Tiger Raganimals
Under a Blanket of Blue (with Ella Fitzgerald)blue
We Have All the Time In the Worldrelaxation and leisure
What a Wonderful Worldmiracles