John Cale

Song Title Topic
1 Antarctica Starts Here deserts
2 Bicycle bicycles
3 Buffalo Ballet afternoon
4 Captain Hook pirates
5 Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night Welsh songs
6 Dying on the Vine wine
7 The Endless Plain of Fortune greed
8 Fear Is a Man’s Best Friend fear
9 Hello It’s Me (with Lou Reed) remembrance
10 Hello There hello
11 Images (with Lou Reed) works of art
12 Magritte painters & painting
13 On a Wedding Anniversary anniversaries
14 Paris 1919 dates
15 Spinning Away (with Brian Eno) celestial bodies
16 Spinning Away (with Brian Eno) spinning
17 Sun Blindness Music drone music
18 Terry’s Cha-Cha saxophone
19 Trouble with Classicists art