Half Man Half Biscuit

Song Title Topic
1 Asparagus Next Left vegetables
2 Bad Losers on Yahoo! Chess stiff upper lip
3 Bob Wilson – Anchorman famous people
4 Breaking News funny songs
5 Corgi Registered Friends insulting songs
6 For What is Chatteris… England
7 Irk the Purists schadenfreude
8 It Makes the Room Look Bigger rooms
9 Joy Division Oven Gloves bread and baking
10 The Light at the End of the Tunnel social class
11 Look Dad No Tunes music industry
12 Lord Hereford’s Knob bad decisions
13 National Shite Day companies & corporations
14 Old Age Killed My Teenage Bride ages
15 The Referee’s Alphabet cheating
16 A Shropshire Lad jokes
17 Tending the Wrong Grave for 23 Years discovery
18 Vatican Broadside welcome