Brian Eno

Song Title Topic
1 A Stream with Bright Fish (with Harold Budd) fish
2 An Ending (Ascent) instrumental soundtracks
3 An Ending (Ascent) the moon
4 Baby’s On Fire fire
5 By This River krautrock
6 Deep Blue Day space
7 Dunwich Beach, Autumn, 1960 dates
8 Here Come the Warm Jets indecipherable songs
9 The Jezebel Spirit (with David Byrne) ghosts
10 King’s Lead Hat clothes
11 On Some Faraway Beach wide open spaces
12 Plateaux of Mirror (with Harold Budd) fictional places
13 Spinning Away (with John Cale) celestial bodies
14 Spinning Away (with John Cale) spinning
15 St. Elmo’s Fire electronic music to 1983
16 St. Elmo’s Fire months of the year
17 Taking Tiger Mountain mountains