Billy Bragg

Song Title Topic
1 A13, Trunk Road to the Sea specific or obscure places
2 Accident Waiting to Happen insulting songs
3 Between the Wars left wing politics
4 Bread and Circuses (with Natalie Merchant) bread, cakes, pastry & biscuits
5 Brickbat getting older
6 Christ for President (with Wilco) Jesus
7 England, Half English roots
8 Hot Rod Hotel (with Wilco) hotels
9 I Guess I Planted (with Wilco) positive songs
10 Ingrid Bergman (with Wilco) famous people
11 Must I Paint You a Picture painters and painting
12 No One Knows Anything Anymore knowledge
13 The Price of Oil scandal
14 Remember the Mountain Bed (with Wilco) mountains
15 The Saturday Boy unrequited love
16 St. Swithin’s Day famous last words
17 Tank Park Salute fathers
18 There Is Power in a Union unity
19 Waiting for the Great Leap Forward waiting
20 The World Turned Upside Down revolution