Billy Bragg

Song Title Topic
1 A13, Trunk Road to the Sea specific or obscure places
2 Accident Waiting to Happen insulting songs
3 Between the Wars left wing politics
4 Bread and Circuses (with Natalie Merchant) bread, cakes, pastry & biscuits
5 Brickbat getting older
6 Christ for President (with Wilco) Jesus
7 England, Half English roots
8 Handyman Blues decor
9 Hot Rod Hotel (with Wilco) hotels
10 I Guess I Planted (with Wilco) positive songs
11 Ingrid Bergman (with Wilco) famous people
12 The Man in the Iron Mask masks
13 Must I Paint You a Picture painters & painting
14 No One Knows Anything Anymore knowledge
15 The Price of Oil scandal
16 Remember the Mountain Bed (with Wilco) mountains
17 Rotting on Remand Liverpool & Merseyside
18 The Saturday Boy unrequited love
19 St. Swithin’s Day famous last words
20 Tank Park Salute fathers
21 There Is Power in a Union unity
22 To Have and Have Not social mobility
23 Waiting for the Great Leap Forward waiting
24 The World Turned Upside Down revolution