Billy Bragg

Song TitleTopic
A13, Trunk Road to the Seaspecific or obscure places
Accident Waiting to Happeninsulting songs
Between the Warsleft wing politics
Bread and Circuses (with Natalie Merchant)bread, cakes, pastry & biscuits
Brickbatgetting older
Christ for President (with Wilco)Jesus
England, Half Englishroots
Hot Rod Hotel (with Wilco)hotels
I Guess I Planted (with Wilco)positive songs
Ingrid Bergman (with Wilco)famous people
Must I Paint You a Picturepainters and painting
No One Knows Anything Anymoreknowledge
The Price of Oilscandal
Remember the Mountain Bed (with Wilco)mountains
Tank Park Salutefathers
There is Power in a Unionunity
The Saturday Boyunrequited love
St. Swithin's Dayfamous last words
Waiting for the Great Leap Forwardwaiting
The World Turned Upside Downrevolution