A-Z by Artist – U

Click on the name of the artist below for a page listing all the A-Listed songs from that artist. Updating from the old Marconium site is now complete for “U”.

♦ U-Love ♦ U-RoyU2Udhas, PankajUemura, KanaUFOUHF (Ultra High Flamenco)UK DecayUK Subs ♦ Ulmer, James BloodUlrich Drechsler QuartetUltramarineUltravoxUmiliani, PieroUndertonesUnderwood, CarrieUnderworldUndisputed TruthUnholy Modal RoundersUniquesUnit 4 + 2United States of America

Unknown Burundian singersUnknown female singer (Curly Toes)Unknown saxophonist (NYC subway)

Unknown Mortal OrchestraUnthanksUnwoundUpsettersUrban SpeciesUriah HeepUrusei YatsuraUs3Utro (Утро)