A-Z by Artist – P

Click on the name of the artist below for a page listing all the A-Listed songs from that artist. If the name of an artist does not appear below, (for artists listed prior to September 1, 2017 who have not been listed since), follow this link: A-Z by Artist Old Website.

Pablo, AugustusPaco de LucíaPaisley, Brad ♦ Pallas, Tyla J.Pallot, NerinaPalmer, AmandaPangaeaPapa LeviParadinas, MikeParagonsParker, CharlieParker, DyonParker, JuniorParkins, ZeenaParliamentParquet CourtsParr, JohnParsons, GramParton, DollyPascual Falcó, GustavoPassengersPassepied ♦ PastelsPastorius, JacoPatti Smith GroupPavarotti, LucianoPearl JamPeel, DavidPegg, BobPendulumPenguin Cafe OrchestraPenn, DawnPentanglePere UbuPerfect (Perfect Giddimani)Perry, Lee “Scratch”Pet Shop BoysPeter and the Test Tube BabiesPetty, Tom & the HeartbreakersPeyroux, MadeleinePhillips, EstherPhotosPiaf, EdithPiazzolla, AstorPickett, WilsonPickler, KelliePig with the Face of a BoyPigbag ♦ P!nkPink, ArielPink, BonniePink FloydPinkshinyultrablastPiranhasPixiesPizzicato FivePlant, RobertPoemssPoguesPointer SistersPoison GirlsPolice ♦ Polwart, KarinePolygon WindowPooziesPop, IggyPop TopsPowell, CozyPowell, Jesse & his OrchestraPrefab SproutPresley, ElvisPretendersPrice, AlanPriestsPrima, LouisPrimal ScreamPrimitivesPrincePrince BusterPrincess NokiaPrior, MaddyProclaimersProcol HarumProfessor Longhair ♦ Prokofiev, SergeiPropagandaProtomartyrPsychic TVPublic EnemyPublic Image LimitedPublic Service BroadcastingPuccini, GiacomoPuente, TitoPug, JoePulpPunishment of LuxuryPunk TVPuppa JPurify, James & BobbyPussy RiotPyke, Magnus