A-Z by Artist – I

Click on the name of the artist below for a page listing all the A-Listed songs from that artist. Updating from the old Marconium site is now complete for “I”.

I Am KlootI Like TrainsI, Ludicrous ♦ I MonsterI-RoyIAMXIan, JanisIan Campbell Folk GroupIbeyiIbrahim, AbdullahIce CubeIce-TIcebergIcicle WorksIcons of FilthId (60s psychedelic band)IdealsIdle, EricIdlewildIgginbottomIggy and the StoogesIgnorant, SteveIkenga Super Stars of AfricaIllyImagined VillageImbruglia, NatalieImlach, Hamish ♦ Immortal TechniqueImpressions ♦ In CrowdIn Love with a GhostIn Strict ConfidenceIna-IchIncognitoIncredible Bongo BandIncredible String Band ♦ IncrediblesIndeepIndian OceanIndians in MoscowIndigo GirlsIndilaInk SpotsInner CircleInner City UnitInnes, NeilInnocence MissionInsaneInspiral CarpetsInspirational ChoirInterpolInti-IllimaniInvitationsINXSIrish RoversIron & WineIron ButterflyIron MaidenIsaacs, GregoryIsaak, ChrisIsbell, JasonIsley BrothersIsrael VibrationIt’s a Beautiful Day ♦ It’s ImmaterialIves, CharlesIwan, Dafydd