A-Z By Artist from Sept. – Dec. 2017

For A-Z by Artist up to August 31, 2017, click the following link: A-Z by Artist Old Site. For 2017 from September to December, see the table below. The table is sortable so just sort by artist. You can also sort by song title.

LocationDateTitle ArtistRecommended ByTopic
SBSept. 6, 2017Ain't Gwine to Whistle DixieTaj MahalRavi Ramanwhistling
SBSept. 6, 2017The Story of My LifeHolliday, MichaelBeltwayBanditwhistling
SBSept. 6, 2017Simple GirlDale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.Unclebenwhistling
SBSept. 6, 2017Aguas de MarcoRegina, Elis and Tom Jobimmagicmanwhistling
SBSept. 6, 2017Mini-SkirtEsquivel!BeltwayBanditwhistling
SBSept. 6, 2017Mr. Slater's ParrotBonzo Doo-Dah BandTatankaYotankawhistling
SBSept. 6, 2017Goodbye StrangerSupertrampAltraEgowhistling
SBSept. 6, 2017Singing the BluesMitchell, GuySuziwhistling
SBSept. 6, 2017A Fistful of DollarsMorricone, Enniomegadomwhistling
SBSept. 6, 2017Golden YearsBowie, DavidParaMhorwhistling
SBSept. 6, 2017The WalkerFitz and the Tantrumsoutofthebluewhistling
SBSept. 6, 2017Always Look On the Bright SideIdle, Erichappyclapperwhistling
GSept. 7, 2017Keep Right On to the End of the RoadLauder, Harryhudswellpersistance
GSept. 7, 2017This YearMountain Goatsbrianturnedpersistance
GSept. 7, 2017The Mary Ellen CarterRogers, Stanthoughtballoonspersistance
GSept. 7, 2017Keep On Going OnMayfield, Curtisotenkopersistance
GSept. 7, 2017Keep On RunningSpencer Davis Groupargybargypersistance
GSept. 7, 2017Mushi No OnnaTogawa, JunPairubupersistance
GSept. 7, 2017The Impossible DreamWilliams, AndyThesubhumanpersistance
GSept. 7, 2017Rescue MeSkeptaBriantistpersistance
GSept. 7, 2017I'm Going to Knock On Your DoorOsmond, Little Jimmyalexitopersistance
GSept. 7, 2017(I'm Gonna Be) 500 MilesProclaimersAssameseGuy87persistance
GSept. 7, 2017Hoping MachineNew Multitudesjrowen81persistance
GSept. 7, 2017You're Gonna Get Next to MeKirkland, Bo and Ruth DavisOlivesNightiepersistance
GSept. 7, 2017God's Great Dust StormKatzenjammerseverinpersistance
SBSept. 13, 2017Danse MacabreSaint-Saens, CamilleBeltway Banditbones
SBSept. 13, 2017Bad to the BoneThorogood, George and the DestroyersSweetHomeAlabamabones
SBSept. 13, 2017Skin & BonesFoo FightersRavi Ramanbones
SBSept. 13, 2017BonesEditorsBeltway Banditbones
SBSept. 13, 2017Bag of BonesClark, Guytreefrogdemonbones
SBSept. 13, 2017BonebagCultvanwolf2bones
SBSept. 13, 2017Bones of RibbonLondon Grammarphilipphilip99bones
SBSept. 13, 2017Our SkullsWasif, ImaadBethnoirbones
SBSept. 13, 2017Backyard SkullsFrightened RabbitToffeeBoybones
SBSept. 13, 2017BoneyardCleary, JonRavi Ramanbones
SBSept. 13, 2017Dig Up Her BonesGraves, MichaleEnglishOutlawbones
SBSept. 13, 2017Grind My BonesBlack Rebel Motorcycle Clubnosuchzonebones
SBSept. 13, 2017Skeletal RemainsBohren and der Club of GoreBeltway Banditbones
GSept. 14, 2017I Believe in YouTalk TalkDarceysDadadversity
GSept. 14, 2017My Shit's Fucked UpZevon, Warrenmisterbadexampleadversity
GSept. 14, 2017Another Lonely DayHarper, BenFatherChewyLouieadversity
GSept. 14, 2017Gibsom StreetNyro, Lauraattwilightlarksadversity
GSept. 14, 2017All the Money I Had is GoneDeep Dark Woodsmisterbadexampleadversity
GSept. 14, 2017BustedCharles, RayMelRoyadversity
GSept. 14, 2017Here's the Tender ComingUnthanksseverinadversity
GSept. 14, 2017Woman of the GhettoShaw, MarlenaSpotTheWhopperadversity
GSept. 14, 2017The Love of the Common PeopleThomas, Nickysonofwebcoreadversity
GSept. 14, 2017SubcityChapman, Tracybishboshadversity
GSept. 14, 2017Jarrow SongPrice, Alangordonimmeladversity
GSept. 14, 2017Streets of LondonMcTell, RalphHopelessCaseadversity
SBSept. 20, 2017The Last Days of PompeiiNova MobDiscoMonsternatural disasters
SBSept. 20, 2017Eve's VolcanoCope, Julianbishboshnatural disasters
SBSept. 20, 2017All Going Out TogetherBig Dipperuneay listeningnatural disasters
SBSept. 20, 2017LandslideClarke, Tonyattwilightlarksnatural disasters
SBSept. 20, 2017The New PollutionBeckamyleenatural disasters
SBSept. 20, 2017MonsoonAnd You Will Know Us By the Trail of Deadhappyclappernatural disasters
SBSept. 20, 2017Katrina Klap/Dollar DayMos DefBeltway Banditnatural disasters
SBSept. 20, 2017We Got Back the PlagueFiery Furnacesmegadomnatural disasters
SBSept. 20, 2017Pressure DropToots and the Maytalsamyleenatural disasters
SBSept. 20, 2017StormbringerMartyn, John and BeverlySidecarShivnatural disasters
SBSept. 20, 2017Here Comes the FloodFripp, Robert and Peter Gabrielnosuchzonenatural disasters
SBSept. 20, 2017Rain Falls Unceasingly on the SeaKluge, Kathryn & Kim AllenJake Leonardnatural disasters
SBSept. 20, 2017Riders on the StormDoorsLeaveitallbehindnatural disasters
GSept. 21, 2017TatuagemRegina, Elisalexitotattoos and piercings
GSept. 21, 2017Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)OffspringThesubhumantattoos and piercings
GSept. 21, 2017Tattooed Love BoysPretendersLyntonCrosbytattoos and piercings
GSept. 21, 2017Ink My Whole BodyKhalifa, WizAnthonyGreendowntattoos and piercings
GSept. 21, 2017Tattoo'd LadyGallagher, Rorydave56tattoos and piercings
GSept. 21, 2017Rose TattooDropkick Murphysonaropetattoos and piercings
GSept. 21, 2017The Woman With the Tattooed HandsAtmosphereLyntonCrosbytattoos and piercings
GSept. 21, 2017TattoosTurner, FrankGeoffrey Tealetattoos and piercings
GSept. 21, 2017Fake Plastic TreesRadioheadShoegazertattoos and piercings
GSept. 21, 2017UnprettyTLCbarbryntattoos and piercings
GSept. 21, 2017Mi Nah RubQueen Ifricaseverintattoos and piercings
GSept. 21, 2017No Nose JobDigital UndergroundBlackCombetattoos and piercings
GSept. 21, 2017Seen and Not SeenTalking Headshappyclappertattoos and piercings
GSept. 21, 2017CharlesSkidsbuskerdootattoos and piercings
GSept. 21, 2017The OrchidsPsychic TVsaneshanetattoos and piercings
GSept. 21, 2017A Perfect LieEngine RoomAFictionHabittattoos and piercings