A-Z by Artist

The integration of the A-Z by Artist from the Old Marconium has been completed up to and including the letter S. For artists from T-Z, you may want to check the old site if they do not show up here.  After the page listings below you’ll find an explanation of the naming conventions used in the indexes.

Symbols, Numerals & A

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A short note on naming conventions: If you are trying to find an artist alphabetically, here is how I have organized them.

  • Solo singers: alphabetically by last name
  • Duets: e.g. Al Bowlly & Anona Winn – listed under each singer individually by last name
  • Groups with a front man: e.g. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds – listed under the last name of the singer
  • Groups named after one of the members: e.g. Spencer Davis Group or Dave Clark Five – listed under the first name of the person (e.g. Spencer Davis Group would be listed under S)
  • If there have been name changes then both names of the artist will be listed. For example, The Lurkers are also listed alphabetically as GLM.