Songs About Basements and Underground

May 4, 2022
Writer: ShivSidecar

A List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1UndergroundTom WaitsGeorge Boyland
2Paranoia of PowerMark Stewart & the MaffiaShoegazer
3SubterraneansFlesh for Luluuneasy listening
46 UndergroundSneaker PimpsShoegazer
5Storm CellarElysian FieldsBanazirGalbasi
6Hold Me Close (Underground)The Beautiful SouthMarconius7
7Waiting for the End of the WorldElvis CostelloAltraEgo
8Coincidents on the Circle LineRobb Johnson & the IrregularsTatankaYotanka
9FazonSopwith CamelUncleben
10I WonThe SundaysBanazirGalbasi
11Spiders (In Neal's Basement)McLuhanFred Erickson
12Porton DownPeter HammillTatankaYotanka
13The Temptation of AdamJosh RitterUncleben

B List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1In the Basement (Part 2)Sugar Pie DeSantoPop Off!
2Transit RideGuru ft Branford MarsalisUncleben
3Subway JoeJoe BataanNicko
4BasementMute ChoirLoud Atlas
5Subway TrainNew York DollsTarquinSpodd
6Basement LifeSuperchunkhappyclapper
7Back to the BasementThe QueersTarquinSpodd
8Time Tunnel CellarTigerhappyclapper
9Grave ArchitecturePavementNilpferd
10Sound of the UndergroundGirls AloudParaMhor
11Notes from the UndergroundThe Manhattan TransferFred Erickson
12Digging a TunnelSir WasBanazirGalbasi
13The BasementPete Rock & CL SmoothNilpferd
15BuriedfedMiles Benjamin Anthony RobinsonShoegazer
16Torn and FrayedThe Rolling Stonesamylee
17TunnelsJohnny FlynnNicko

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