Songs About Fairytales

Apr. 27, 2022
Writer: Loud Atlas

A List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1Welcome to the VoidMorgenuneasy listening
2Yellow Brick RoadCaptain BeefheartGeorge Boyland
3(Hey There) Big Bad WolfThe Sham-Ettesuneasy listening
4Fairy Tale Song (Cadê)Milton NascimentoNicko
6Scissor ManXTCParaMhor
7Fairy TalesAnita BakerSongBarLandlord
8Once Upon a DreamLana Del ReyShoegazer
9La rêve de l'oiseau (Koto Djime)Ba CissokoNicko
10Goldilox & the Three BearsAl "Jazzbo" CollinsNicko
11DotterineEmily PortmanAlaric
12The King Is Half-UndressedJellyfishShivSidecar
13Song of ScheherazadeRenaissanceToffeeBoy

B List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1Little Red Riding HoodSam the Sham & the PharaohsSuzi
2CinderellaThe Blue HeartsTarquinSpodd
3Ali BabaJohn HoltParaMhor
4Never Never LandJames Taylormagicman
5Lost BoyRuth B.Marconius7
6PinocchioMiles DavisNilpferd
7Three Little BopsShorty Rogers & Stan FreebergIsabelleForshaw
8ThumbelinaDanny Kayeseverin
9Dorothy at FortyCursiveShoegazer
10Walking on GlassJill FreemanAlaric
11RumpelstiltskinJohn Otwayseverin
12Some Day My Prince Will ComeSinéad O'Connorseverin
13Beauty and the BeastAriana Grande & John LegendMarconius7

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