Songs About Tomorrow

Nov. 25, 2021
Writer: Nicko

A List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1Three Imaginary BoysThe Curehappyclapper
2Tomorrow Is a Long Ways AwayThe ByrdsMussoliniHeadkick
3Tomorrow Is a Long TimeBob Dylansonofwebcore
45:55Charlotte Gainsbourghappyclapper
5Tomorrow Is My TurnRhiannon GiddensAlaricmc
6Tomorrow Your SorrowHendrickson Road HouseDiscoMonster
7We'll Sweep Out the Ashes in the MorningGram ParsonsSuzi
8Lonesome LoveMitskiTarquinSpodd
9TomorrowSouthwest F.O.B.Fred Erickson
10I'll Follow the SunThe Beatlesamylee
11New World in the MorningRoger Whittakerswawilg
12TomorrowThe Durutti ColumnUncleben
13When Tomorrow HitsSpacemen 3MussoliniHeadkick
14Welcome TomorrowLove and RocketsVikingChild
15All Our TomorrowsTrembling Blue Starsvanwolf2
16Tomorrow's People - The Children of TodayMcDonald & GilesShivSidecar
17Troops of TomorrowThe VibratorsCarpgate
18Yesterdays TomorrowsTindersticksShoegazer
19Today Is Just Tomorrow's YesterdayThe Word DShivSidecar
20Now Is TomorrowDefinition of SoundIsabelleForshaw
21I'm Com'un Home in the Morn'unLou PrideDiscoMonster
22Glasgow JubileeBill Wells & Aidan Moffathappyclapper
23Tomorrow's DreamAl GreenUncleben
24MañanaRadio TarifaMakinavaja
25DouniaRokia TraoréNilpferd
26TomorrowWilliam OnyeaborFred Erickson
27We Might Be Dead by TomorrowSokoJamesowen475
28Gondola no UtaTakashi ShimuraBanazirGalbasi

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