Horror-inspired Songs

May 26, 2021
Writer: Amy Lee (amylee aka RipThisJoint)

A List

 TitleArtistNominated by
2Long LankinSteeleye Spantreefrogdemon
3Bury a FriendBillie EilishEnglishOutlaw
41 2 3 4Mirel WagnerSeth Miller
5Night ShiftSiouxsie and the BansheesCarpgate
6HalloweenSonic YouthMussoliniHeadkick
7Subway SongThe CureNoodsy
8Nosferatu ManSlintvanwolf2
9The Dead Are WalkingThe LimiñanasSteve
10The Hand That Rocks the CradleThe SmithsTarquinSpodd
11Green Pea SoupAlice Donuthappyclapper
12If You Close Your EyesJean Grae & the HerbaliserNilpferd
13Corpse Attack!Utsu-Pajostu
14Turkish Song of the DamnedThe PoguesSuzi
15A Night with the Jersey DevilBruce SpringsteenAlaricmc
16I Cheat the HangmanThe Doobie BrothersAltraEgo
17Song to ComusComusShivSidecar
18From the UnderworldThe HerdSweetHomeAlabama
19Being BoiledThe Human LeagueMakinavaja
20Jack NicholsonHead of DavidDiscoMonster
21Steal Your FaceMotörheadCarpgate
22War PigsBlack SabbathNicko
23CueScott WalkerParaMhor
24The Three Shadows, Part IBauhausVikingChild

B List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1NightmareArtie ShawPop Off!
2I Put a Spell on YouNina SimoneMarconius7
3Welcome to My NightmareAlice CooperSweetHomeAlabama
4Black CelebrationDepeche ModeSteve
5Rosegarden Funeral of SoresBauhausVikingchild
6Wax and WaneCocteau TwinsMussoliniHeadkick
7ReanimatorFields of the NephilimBethnoir
8Dead SoulsSopor AeternusMakinavaja
9Fair Fortune's StarCarolanne Pegg with Lucy WanShivSidecar
10No DeathMirel WagnerTraktor Albatrost
11The Garden of Jane DelawneyTreesswawilg
12Mrs. LennonYoko OnoFred Erickson
13Devil RidesMogwaiSteve
14All My Friends Are GhostsThe May CompanyTraktor Albatrost
15GrendelSunny Day Real Estatehappyclapper
16Vampire RacecourseThe Sleepy Jacksonhappyclapper
17(Have You Met) Horror James?Royal TruxUncleben
18Lee RemickThe Go-BetweensTraktor Albatrost
19Massacre in ParaguayThe NaxalitesMakinavaja
20(Ballad of) The Hip GoddessUltimate SpinachIsabelleForshaw
21La Máscara de la Muerte RojaLa Carniceros del NorteBethnoir
22Boda NegraMaria Theresa Vegapejepeine
23Eventide Fire a DisasterGeneral EchoNicko
24Duppy ConquerorBob Marley & the Wailersseverin
25Zomby WoofFrank ZappaBanazirGalbasi
26My Car Is HauntedRoyal BangsUncleben
27Pink SweatTropical Trashvanwolf2
28CloserKings of LeonLeaveitallbehind
29Stagger LeeNick Cave & the Bad SeedsNicko
30Psycho Killer (Acoustic)Talking HeadsTraktor Albatrost

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Author: Marconius7

Marconius is the creator of this index and also hosts a travel blog and a political blog. He is retired after 40 years in broadcast television. He lives in suburban Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada with his wife. They are the parents of two adult children and proud grandparents of two wonderful grandchildren.

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