Songs About Coins

July 7, 2021
Writer: George Boyland (sonofwebcore)

A List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1Have You Got 10p?The EjectedCarpgate
2PenniesThe Smashing PumpkinsBanazirGalbasi
3Paper and Iron (Notes and Coins)XTCNicko
4Pennies from HeavenBillie Holidaymagicman
5Boy with a CoinIron & WineShoegazer
6Waxie's DargleThe PoguesDiscoMonster
7Los Tangos del ChavicoEstrella MorenteMakinavaja
8Gimme a PennyBig Mama Thorntontincanman
9Dollar WineColin Lucasmagicman
10Florin/TweedSir Vincent LoneTatankaYotanka
11Heaven in PenniesEsperanza Spaldingmegadom
12Judas IscarioteMisty in RootsUncleben
13Gimme Back My ShillingErnest RanglinTatankaYotanka

B List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1Keep Your Hands to YourselfThe Georgia SatellitesIsabelleForshaw
2Let the Good Times RollRay CharlesIsabelleForshaw
3Jim MotherfuckerGauntTraktor Albatrost
430 Pieces of SilverPrince Busterseverin
5MoneyPink FloydParaMhor
6(Put a Nickel On) D-9The Rotationsphilipphilip99
7WolfJoe WalshBanazirGalbasi
8Dime Queen of NevadaAlbert HammondFred Erickson
9Row JimmyGrateful Deadamylee
10Newest IndustryHüsker Düamylee
11Snip Snip SnipChumbawambaIsabelleForshaw
12Mercenary SongSteve EarleFred Erickson
13The Priests of the Golden BullBuffy Sainte-MarieFred Erickson

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