Songs Applied to COVID-19 Lockdown

May 27, 2020
Writer: magicman

A List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1Never Turn Your Back on Mother EarthSparksmegadom
2Oh DeathCharley Patton & Bertha Leeattwilightlarks
3Everyday Life Has Become a Health RiskDisposable Heroes of Hiphoprisymegadom
4JerusalemMaster KGuntergunther
5Don't TouchCosmos Peopleajostu
6A Little Bit of SoapThe JarmelsTarquinSpodd
7Solitude Is BlissTame ImpalaNicko
8Angel in a Blue DressReg MeurossSuzi
9Avant GardenerCourtney BarnettNicko
10Welfare CheeseEmanuel Lasky9hairs9knots
11Don't MixTricotajostu
12Fear InoculumToolMogdog
13ZoomFat Larry's Bandseverin
14ImmunityJon Hopkins & King Creosotemegadom
15Stay AwayRandy Newmanseverin

B List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1Holy GrailHunters & CollectorsIsabelleForshaw
2Get the Funk Out Ma FaceThe Brothers JohnsonBanazirGalbasi
3AirTalking Headsmegadom
4LastThe Unthanksajostu
5The Day Before You CameABBAseverin
6Hong Kong FluThe Ethiopiansseverin
7Flowers on the WallThe Statler BrothersMogdog
8Washing My Hands AgainJeffrey Lewismegadom
9Breathing Kate BushBanazirGalbasi
10Praise YouFatboy SlimIsabelleForshaw
11Darkest DaysJackie Leeattwilightlarks
12Computer LoveKraftwerkMussoliniHeadkick
13People's FacesKate TempestDiscoMonster
14AstronomiaVicetone & Tony Igyamylee
15You Fucking People Make Me SickSwansSeth Miller
17Ghost TownThe SpecialsUncleben
18Voyage Into the UnknownLuke Vibertuntergunther
19Volveran Esos MomentosEleMakinavaja
20Thank You Baked PotatoMatt Lucasseverin

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