Songs About Trust

Dec. 18, 2019
Writer: Stephen Males (severin)

A List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1Trust in MeMildred BaileyNicko
2Suspicious MindsFine Young Cannibalsattwilightlarks
3Surabaya JohnnyLotte LenyaMarconius7
4WishNine Inch Nailshappyclapper
5DaisyKarine PolwartSuzi
6Let You DownInspiral Carpets ft John Cooper ClarkeShoegazer
7I Trust You to Kill MeRocco DeLuca & the BurdenUncleben
8Trust in MeSusheela RamanPop Off!
9Trust No ManJimmy CliffNicko
10Trust in TrustBlues TravelerNicko
11If You Don't Know Me by NowHarold Melvin & the Blue NotesDiscoMonster
12In Dust We TrustThe Chemical BrothersMussoliniHeadkick

B List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1Trust in MeEtta Jamessonofwebcore
2I Put My Trust in YouJohn Lee Hookerphilipphilip99
3The Myth of TrustBilly BraggMakinavaja
4Anyone But YouBarbara Westattwilightlarks
5Say It Ain't So JoeMurray HeadMakinavaja
6BrassneckThe Wedding Presentmegadom
7Dixie ChickenLittle FeatBanazirGalbasi
8Trust the BookThe VersatilesUncleben
9Can't Trust LoveSuzi QuatroPop Off!
10You Little TrustmakerThe TymesPop Off!
11Breaking ThroughSteve ForbertBanazirGalbasi
12Trust MeCultureNicko
13Trust MeSusanne Sundforajostu
14I Believe in YouNeil Youngamylee
15Won't Get Fooled AgainRichie Havensflorian7
16A Matter of TrustBilly Joelamylee
17You've Got a FriendJames TaylorRavi Raman
18No TrustAnti-EstablishmentCarpgate
19Nothing Else MattersPostmodern Jukebox ft Caroline BaranDiscoMonster
20I Pity the FoolAnn Peebles9hairs9knots
21Love and TrustBen Harper & Charlie MusselwhiteNicko
22Wohl Dem, Der Sich auf Seinen GottJohann Sebastian Bachajostu

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