Songs About Four-legged Livestock

Aug. 14, 2019
Writer: George Boyland (sonofwebcore)

A List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1Cow Cow BoogieElla Mae Morsephilipphilip99
2Wooly BullySam the Sham & the PharaohsIsabelleForshaw
3Pig ManAmon Düül IITatankaYotanka
4Llama in My Living RoomAronChupa & Little Sis Noraphilipphilip99
5Ha Lese Le Di KhannaHugh MasekelaNilpferd
6Ali Baba's CamelBonzo Dog BandTraktor Albatrost
7My Lovely HorseThe Divine Comedyphilipphilip99
8Gan to the KyeThe Unthanksseverin
9BessieJane SiberryTatankaYotanka
10The Sheep SongThe Dresden Dollsphilipphilip99

B List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1Black Sheep of the FamilyQuatermassShivSidecar
2Cow SparklehorseNoodsy
3Misery GoatsPere UbuTatankaYotanka
4J. EdgarRy Cooderswawilg
5Milk Cow Calf's BluesRobert JohnsonRavi Raman
6Saddled the CowDr. JohnNicko
7The Banks of the NileFotheringaytreefrogdemon
8Milk Cow BluesPapa FreddieNicko
9HolotelaniNelcy SedibeNicko
10El Toro y la LunaMikaelaMakinavaja

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