Songs About Fixing, Repairing & Solving

Jan. 9, 2019
Writer: Jocelyn Rose (treefrogdemon)

A List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1TrespassesPatti SmithUncleben
2No Pussy BluesGrindermanDiscoMonster
3The RoadThe Burning HellSkippyisaCult
4The Talkin' Song Repair BluesAlan JacksonRavi Raman
5Duct Tape HeartBarenaked Ladiesphilipphilip99
6Even Steve McQueenRobb Johnson & the IrregularsTatankaYotanka
7Everybody's Slimmin'Slapp Happymegadom
8Your Arms Around MeJens Lekmanbarbryn
9Lily the PinkThe Scaffoldseverin
10No Rust on My SpadeOtis Gibbstincanman
11Sweet ArcadiaSaint Etiennemegadom
12Sons and DaughtersThe DecemberistsShoegazer

B List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1The Mending SongBagpuss and Friendspejepeine
2The BarrelMischief BrewEnglishOutlaw
3Heart-Fixing BusinessAlbert KingRavi Raman
4Trust Your MechanicDead Kennedyshappyclapper
5The Umbrella ManFlanagan and Allenphilipphilip99
6Puncture RepairElbowLeaveitallbehind
7Let Me Fix My WeaveMissy Elliottbishbosh
8Bad ConnectionYazooParaMhor
9The Gas Man ComethFlanders and SwannSuzi
10Comes LoveJoni Mitchellseverin
11Get It FixedRosa Hendersonmagicman
12To Her DoorPaul KellyIsabelleForshaw
13Fixing a HoleThe Beatlesswawilg

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