Electronic Music to 1983

June 6, 2018
Writer: Ralph Brown (magicman)
At: Song Bar

A List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1The Swan Clara Rockmore (composed by Camille Saint-Saëns)megadom
2Love Don't Live Here AnymoreRose Roycenosuchzone
3TimewhysTonto's Expanding HeadbandUncleben
5The GnomeEmerson, Lake & Palmer (composed by Modest Mussorgsky)Joelle
6PortofinoRaymond ScottUncleben
7Behind the MaskYellow Magic Orchestraphilipphilip99
9FlamingoTodd Rundgren9hairs9knots
10Back Street LuvCurved AirShivSidecar
11Electric GardenConrad Schnitzlermegadom
12St. Elmo's FireBrian EnoDjinnjaha
13NeukölnDavid Bowiemegadom
14Doctor Who ThemeBBC Radiophonic Workshop & Delia Derbyshireattwilightlarks
15Création du MondeVangelisBanazirGalbasi
16The Fifth Wave: Water LullabySuzanne CianiDiscoMonster

B List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1Planet RockAfrika Bambaataabishbosh
2Hatgini TaniAl Massrienuntergunther
3I'm the OneAnnette PeacockTatankaYotanka
4SunrainAshraRavi Raman
5PhaedraTangerine Dreammegadom
6Répons: Section OnePierre Boulezmegadom
7Test CardThis Heatmegadom
8The Ice Cream ManThe TornadosFretlessBasser
9Battle with the Invisible MonsterLouis & Bebe Barronphilipphilip99
10Venusian Summer Suite Pt. 2Lenny WhiteBanazirGalbasi
11Legend Days Are OverBeaver & KrauseShivSidecar
13Gossipo PerpetuoJean-Jacques PerreySweetHomeAlabama
14Rainbow ChaserNirvanaShivSidecar
16FunkytownLipps Inc. SweetHomeAlabama

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