Songs About Clocks and Watches

Mar. 29, 2018
Writer: Stephen Males (severin)
At: The Guardian

A List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1Just a Wristwatch on My ArmLightnin' HopkinsLyntonCrosby
3Counting DownNataly DawnStevenFlanagan
425 O'ClockDukes of StratosphearFatherChewyLouie
5At the Chime of the City ClockNick DrakeBeltway Bandit
7Clock That's Got No HandsDella ReeseLyntonCrosby
8Time OperatorScott WalkerMaggie B
9La PenduleIna-Ichuntergunther
10Let Me Be the ClockSmokey RobinsonIsabelleForshaw
11TimeEasy All Starsmikedow
12Clock of the WorldKrista Detor (with Karine Polwart, Emily Smith, and Rachael McShane)suzi

B List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1Viennese Musical ClockZoltan KodalyBeltwayBandit
2Stop the ClockFats DominoLyntonCrosby
3Clock on the WallGuess WhoMaggie B
4Doomsday ClockSmashing Pumpkinsstevenjameshyde
5El RelojMayte Martin and Tete MontoliuMakinavaja
6Alarm ClockRichie HavensLyntonCrosby
7Stop the Clock RockThe Creel SistersXanh_cay
8L'horlogerJeanne MoreauBeltwayBandit
9Reelin' and Rockin'Chuck Berrygordonimmel
10Calendars and ClocksThe CoralGoldie Dee
11The Watchmaker's ApprenticeThe Clockwork QuartetNaguchi
12The Tug of the MoonSarah McQuaidSarahMcQuaidCornwall
13The ClockJohn HoltLyntonCrosby

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