Songs About Anonymity

Mar. 28, 2018
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A List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1We Are LegionAnonymousmagicman
2A Face in the CrowdTom Pettydeanofromoz
3Feel Like a NumberBob Segerdeanofromoz
4What's Behind the MaskThe CrampsTarquinSpodd
5The StrangerDavid McWilliamsBeltway Bandit
6Wooden Horse (Caspar Hauser's Song)Suzanne Vegaphilipphilip99
7Who's in Here With Me?The Cravatsvanwolf2
8Anonymous ClubCourtney BarnettUncleben
9No Face, No Name, No NumberTrafficBeltway Bandit
10Who Are You?The Whoseverin
11NumbersSoft CellCarpgate
12BabooshkaKate BushLeaveitallbehind
13Persons UnknownPoison GirlsCarpgate

B List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1You Don't Know My NameAlicia Keysseverin
2NadieAndrés CalamaroAndrew Morrissey
3Stranger in the HouseElvis Costelloseverin
4Some Rotten ManThe TaxpayersEnglishOutlaw
6Universal SoldierBuffy Sainte-MarieDjinnjaha
7One in TenUB40bishbosh
8Dirty Dream # 2Belle and Sebastianvanwolf2
9You're So VainCarly SimonEnglishOutlaw
10Who Slapped John?Gene Vincent & his Blue Capsseverin
11Who Was That Masked ManVan Morrisonnosuchzone
12ZorroThe Chordettesmegadom
14The Man with No NameThe UpsettersParaMhor

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