Songs With Unusual Narrators

Feb. 28, 2018
Writer: Barney Jeffries (barbryn)
At: The Song Bar

A List

 Song TitleArtistNominated by
1Birdhouse in Your SoulThey Might Be GiantsSuzi
2The Lighthouse's TaleNickel CreekSuzi
3Lightning RodGusterphilipphilip99
4Space DoggityJonathan CoultonSuzi
5I Am the FoxNancy Kerr & James FaganSuzi
6Little Red Robin Hood Hit the RoadRobert Wyattnosuchzone
7The LovecatsThe Curehappyclapper
8The AntelopePhilip JeaysTatankaYotanka
9Einstein's BrainThe DarkCarpgate
10Jerdacuttup ManThe Triffidsvanwolf2
11I'm a TruckRed SimpsonSweetHomeAlabama
12Milk TeethGeckoToffeeBoy

B List

 Song TitleArtistNominated by
1ColleenJoanna Newsommegadom
2My Name is CarnivalJackson C. FrankShivSidecar
3Funeral TangoScott WalkerUncleben
4The WarLuceroSkydog7
5Cold Missouri WatersJames KeelaghanRavi Raman
6I'm On StandbyGrandaddyhappyclapper
7Christmas Card from a Hooker in MinneapolisTom Waitsdeanofromoz
8The PriestJohnny Marr and Maxine PeakeDarceysDad
9FoxThe Men That Will Not Be Blamed for NothingEnglishOutlaw/Uncleben
10Virtute the Cat Explains Her DepartureThe Weakerthansphilipphilip99
11Green, Green Grass of HomeGram Parsonsattwilightlarks
12Who Done It?Harry Nilssonmagicman
13The Last MealHurricane Harryattwilightlarks
14Sympathy for the DevilThe Rolling Stonesnosuchzone

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