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Nov. 8, 2017
Writer: Marco den Ouden (Marconius7)
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A List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1While My Guitar Gently WeepsThe Beatlesbarbryn
2Lucille B.B. Kingattwilightlarks
3This Old GuitarJohn DenverEnglishOutlaw
4Yakety AxeMark Knopfler & Chet AtkinsRavi Raman
5Johnny GuitarThe Runawaysseverin
6The GuitarGuy Clarktreefrogdemon
7MonteleoneMark Knopflernosuchzone
8Mind BenderStillwatertincanman
9Joe's GarageFrank Zappamegadom
10Three Chords and the TruthChase RiceRavi Raman
11United Breaks GuitarsSons of Maxwellphilipphilip99
12Booker's GuitarEric Bibbtincanman
13John Lennon's GuitarBarclay James Harvestmegadom
14While My Guitar Gently WeepsPrince, Tom Petty, Steve Winwood, Jeff Lynne et altreefrogdemon

B List

 TitleArtistNominated By
1My LucilleB.B. KingRavi Raman
2Guitar or a GunWill Hogetincanman
3Guitar ShopJeff Becknosuchzone
4Blue GuitarThe Moody Bluesattwilightlarks
51976 GuitarSkyhooksphilipphilip99
6Girls with GuitarsWynona JuddTempusfugit
7The HummingbirdDarrell Scottphilipphilip99
8Black Spartacus Heart Attack MachineThe Nightwatchmantincanman
9Dance with the Guitar ManDuane Eddy & the RebelettesSweetHomeAlabama
10Start a Band Brad Paisley & Keith UrbanRavi Raman
11Born to Play GuitarBuddy GuyLeaveitallbehind
12GuitarPrinceAngel Ears
13Not AloneBernard Butlermegadom
14He Was a Guitar Player and Now Plays Machine GunPompeo Stillo & the CompanionsShivSidecar
15Pink GuitarReba McEntireTempusfugit
16Inside of My GuitarThe Bellamy BrothersBeltway Bandit
17I Love LucyAlbert Kingmegadom
18I'm Just a Guitar (And Everybody Pick on Me)Pete Drakeuneasy listening
19Guitar HeroesRichard Thompsonmegadom
20Guitar JamboreeChris Speddingmegadom
21One Man One GuitarJackie Levenmegadom
22The Old Man and His GuitarLee HazlewoodParaMhor
23El Hombre de la GuittarraAquaturbiauneasy listening
24Diddley BoSeasick Steveattwilightlarks
25Guitar ManJJ CaleRavi Raman
26Sultans of SwingDire StraitsLeaveitallbehind
27Summer of '69Bryan AdamsLeaveitallbehind

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