Songs About Tattoos and Piercings

Sept. 21, 2017
Writer: Paul Hayes (Fuel)
At: The Guardian

A List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1TatuagemRegina, Elisalexito
2Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)OffspringThesubhuman
3Tattooed Love BoysPretendersLyntonCrosby
4Ink My Whole BodyKhalifa, WizAnthonyGreendown
5Tattoo'd LadyGallagher, Rorydave56
6Rose TattooDropkick Murphysonarope
7The Woman With the Tattooed HandsAtmosphereLyntonCrosby
8TattoosTurner, FrankGeoffrey Teale
9Fake Plastic TreesRadioheadShoegazer
11Mi Nah RubQueen Ifricaseverin
12No Nose JobDigital UndergroundBlackCombe
13Seen and Not SeenTalking Headshappyclapper
15The OrchidsPsychic TVsaneshane
16A Perfect LieEngine RoomAFictionHabit

B List

 TitleArtistNominated by
1Patcheye and MegMichelle Shockedsteenbeck
2Jennifer She SaidLloyd Cole & the Commotionsbishbosh
3MagnetizedLaura Veirssaneshane
4My Friend GooSonic Youthsaneshane
5As Girls GoSuzanne VegaDougal
6BolokoFatoumata Diawarauntergunther
7Destruction of the Disgusting Ugly HateSokountergunther
8Detachable PenisKing MissileShoegazer
9AnorexolEek a Mousealexito
10Red ScabAdam Antwyngatecarpenter
11No ImaginationBitebackwyngatecarpenter
12BlueJoni MitchellSender Sender
13Dem a BleachNardo RanksAnthonyGreendown
15TatuajeConchita PiquerMakinavaja
16Tatttoed ManCoilRoom2Live
17Further Back and FasterCoildjpeebz

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2 thoughts on “Songs About Tattoos and Piercings”

  1. Hi Marco, Megadom here; not sure if this is the right route but I noticed the second listing for the fab Pretenders’ Tattooed Love Boys and that the first listing is credited to Megadon. It was my original A lister and I suspect that means there’s both a Megadom and a Megadon in the database. One’s more than enough – it’s the first!

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